Maximizing Profitability with Roofing Software: How to Thrive in Any Economy

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Talk continues to circulate about the possibility of the U.S. falling into an economic recession. While the chances of this happening in the near future are still uncertain, many roofing companies have already started thinking about what this could mean for them. In fact, nearly 6 in 10 small business owners have explored areas to cut expenses within the last six months, according to a recent economic pressures survey report published by Nationwide.

Despite talk of an impending recession, many residential roofing companies say they’re still maintaining a steady flow of jobs. While roofs will continue to need maintenance, repairs, or replacements in any economic environment, other factors like material shortages and rising costs are creating challenges.

However, tools like roofing technology continue to help contractors navigate these challenges while improving company profitability. More and more roofing contractors are now relying on business management applications to keep their companies running smoothly. From streamlined processes to improved project quality, roofing business management systems like AccuLynx have helped roofing companies grow more consistently under any economic circumstance.

Learn more about AccuLynx’s all-in-one system

AccuLynx’s all-in-one roofing software was designed specifically to help roofing companies run more efficiently. With all the necessary tools contractors need within a single software application, they can increase production while keeping operational costs low.

Here are four ways AccuLynx helps thousands of roofing contractors throughout the country work smarter and plan for the future.

Do more with less staff

How many people does it take to run a roofing business? That answer can vary depending on many things—company size, number of locations, service areas, trades—as well as the technology a company leverages to manage the business.

AccuLynx eliminates much of the tedious administrative work that commonly bogs contractors down. For instance, keeping everyone on the same page and updated throughout a project can be a job on its own. AccuLynx takes this work off the employee’s plate and automates tasks, communications, and file organization.

By centralizing every aspect of a contractor’s job into one unified workflow, AccuLynx cuts out many of the steps associated with things like creating an estimate, ordering materials, or collecting final payments. This gives everyone at the company the visibility and tools they need to get work done faster—from the office to the field.

The improved communication and visibility across the company showing what is happening at any time has been a game changer for us.

Tasia Stockstill, General Manager, J&B West Roofing and Restoration

Cut down on unnecessary applications

Many roofing contractors rely on multiple software applications—maybe you use one for lead generation, another for job photos, and another for payment processing. The downside of using various apps vs. a single all-encompassing system is that often these are specialized products that don’t always connect or communicate well with each other. This can end up being more costly in the long run.

Entering data into multiple places takes time away from core work like selling—not to mention you may be paying for redundant features. AccuLynx centralizes information, allowing companies to manage—and pay for—fewer applications. From entering leads, managing every aspect of an active roofing job, and collecting the final payment, AccuLynx provides roofing companies with a single source of truth to simplify how they work.

Joe Boyd AccuLynx has not only helped us save time, but also allowed us to eliminate many of the other software programs we were using. We are now spending less on technology per employee than before.

Joe Boyd, Owner, Complete Exteriors

Expedite sales and win more jobs

During times of economic uncertainty, some homeowners might hold off on specific types of roofing jobs, such as complete roof replacements or luxury upgrades. However, homeowners will not pass on something they feel is necessary—and a healthy roof is a necessity. Storms are inevitable, and research shows they are happening more frequently. When a storm hits, the state of the economy won’t matter; your roofing business must be ready to take on as many jobs as possible.

AccuLynx creates a more streamlined and efficient sales process for contractors. Along with features that will make your service stand out, AccuLynx has lead management tools, template builders, and direct integrations with major aerial measurement report providers and material suppliers in the roofing industry (ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, and Beacon Building Products) that allow you to turn quotes around, get contracts signed and jobs into production faster.

Prior to using AccuLynx, we could never have handled doing $5 million in business. But within a year of using it, our roofing business grew to $12 million.

Jon Hickox, Owner, Colonial Remodeling

Keep a pulse on the overall health of your business

Having accurate business data at your fingertips can help you make actionable decisions to keep your business profitable. Tracking and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) allows you to discover gaps in your process and adjust your business plans accordingly before problems get out of hand. This is especially important during economic uncertainty; knowing this information early enables you to save money by providing insight into what works and doesn’t.

While keeping track of budgets and different data points is possible through spreadsheets and other resources, it isn’t foolproof or efficient. Reporting can be a tedious process if you don’t have the right resources at your disposal.

AccuLynx takes away the manual work of reporting and helps you gain actionable insights into the business thanks to reporting tools that make it easy to keep track of KPIs.

Business performance tools

See the 5 reports that every roofing contractor needs

With over 20 customizable roofing reports, you can quickly catch blind spots in your processes early on and adjust accordingly. For example:

  1. Dead leads summary: This report helps you identify why some leads don’t close and can help you make adjustments. For example, you may discover the cost of your services is a point of contention during the selling process. If this is the case, consider offering financing options to homeowners early on.
  2. Profitability: With the profitability report in AccuLynx, you can see gaps in your projections and use that information to help improve your margins. Tracking this early and consistently can help you catch issues like lost money from material ordering, additional labor charges, or missing line items.
  3. Marketing spend: The marketing spend report in AccuLynx allows you to analyze where your roofing leads are coming from, the cost per lead, and the return on investment (ROI) for your marketing efforts. This is an important metric to track because it can help you identify the most profitable channels and helps you make decisions on where to focus your marketing efforts.

AccuLynx has given us visibility into leads, closing ratios, and more. It is definitely one of the best investments we have made as a roofing business.

Rob LaBelle, Owner, LaBelle Roofing

A path to growth with AccuLynx

No matter what happens with the economy over the next few months, looking at your business and seeing where you can be more efficient will ensure your company is equipped to navigate different economic factors facing the roofing industry. For more than 15 years, AccuLynx has remained the proven software solution to help roofing contractors grow. See a demo today and let us show you how.

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