New Enhancements to the AccuLynx Customer Portal

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To help your roofing company better service customers, AccuLynx is ringing in the New Year with enhancements to our new Customer Portal. These enhancements will further improve the way your business communicates with customers by:

  • Automating more of the information-sharing process, so it’s easier to see when actions are taken
  • Providing you with greater control over when/how you share job information
  • Making it easier to share information to the portal
  • Improving visibility into how the portal looks and displays information for your customers

AccuLynx Customer portal Automations

Automate more

Trying to track who you send portal invites and notifications to is a hassle — especially when roofing jobs start to pick up. People inevitably get missed and messages forgotten, creating confusion and miscommunication.

To ensure the information you share to the AccuLynx Customer Portal doesn’t get lost in the fray, we’ve added new automated notification features that let you automatically notify your customers when you post new content or messages to the portal. These new features are customizable to fit your company’s needs, allowing you to choose who gets notified and when.

We’ve also included the ability to automatically expire a customer’s portal access when a job is complete. Gone are the days when portal access is left unattended and open for months after a job – just set an expiration date and let AccuLynx do the rest.

AccuLynx Customer Portal share more

Share more

We’ve added capabilities that let you share more information from AccuLynx to the Customer Portal, including job packets and company documents. Plus, you can start a portal post from within AccuLynx, making it easy to share information from your end with your customers.

AccuLynx customer portal see more

See more

Sometimes, the best way to improve your business or process is to see it from your customer’s view. This is why we’ve improved our Customer Portal previewing capabilities so you can see exactly how your customers see information displayed in the portal. From this viewpoint, you can ensure you are providing your customers with the best tools and information possible, and that information is displayed how you want it even before your customers can access it.

Do you want to know if or how your customers are utilizing their access to the AccuLynx Customer Portal? Now you can see when a customer last visited the portal. Seeing which users are not using the portal can give you valuable insight into how you can better serve them, and identify those who may not benefit from the full range of services you offer.

Enhance your customer service this year with Acculynx’s Customer Portal

The New Year may be hectic, but it holds endless potential. The AccuLynx Customer Portal enhancements are here to help you make the most of that potential and start 2023 off with a bang!

You can contact our sales or customer support teams for more information if you have questions about these features or other tools in AccuLynx.

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