How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service with AccuLynx Roofing Software

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A happy customer is everything in the roofing industry. Meeting customer needs with efficient, high-quality work will earn you a positive reputation as a trusted roofing company.

So why not use roofing software to deliver exceptional customer service easily?

AccuLynx is the leading, all-in-one roofing software specifically designed for roofing contractors, and is filled with tools that will help you:

  • Turn the lead into a customer
  • Keep them informed throughout the job
  • Leave them happy once the job is complete

Communicating with roofing software.

Roofing software to manage your customer interactions

If a storm rolls through your area, you’re sure to get an influx of people needing their roof repaired. However, you need to make sure that the leads you go after are the highest quality and have a strong likelihood of becoming customers.

AccuLynx’s Lead Intelligence feature uses AI and third-party data to predict a homeowner’s buying behavior and assign a score, or “Lead Rank,” to each lead that comes into AccuLynx.

This score provides you with a visual snapshot of permission-based data indicators (demographic, financial, and property-based information) to determine their likelihood to convert to a sale. The Lead Rank indicator can be easily viewed on both the Lead and Prospect Records.

Once you know which leads to target, AccuLynx has the tools to help you manage each individual lead. AccuLynx stores prospect and customer information in digital Job Files. This centralized location gives you access to everything you need to provide excellent customer service, such as job documents, measurements, estimates, contracts, photos and communication history. You can also see if you’ve worked with this customer before. When you begin to pursue your leads, your entire interaction history will be in their job file. This helps you tailor your interactions with each customer and avoid mix ups. When you use AccuLynx, you can categorize all your leads in individual files with specific information about each and prioritize follow-ups, keeping you focused on the best opportunities.

Accurate estimates and easy payment solutions to homeowners

The cost of your services is a major obstacle for many homeowners. Delivering fast, accurate estimates and offering multiple ways to pay can help you overcome pricing objections.

Laptop displaying a screen of AccuLynx's Beacon material order integration.

Estimate accurately with real-time pricing

With AccuLynx, you can have the answer to “how much is this going to cost?” in a matter of minutes. AccuLynx has integrations with some of the industry’s top aerial measurement providers and leading material suppliers.

These integrations allow you to see a real-time catalog right in AccuLynx of available roofing materials with accurate prices from ABC Supply, Beacon and SRS, and automatically populate estimates with these measurements and pricing numbers.

This enables you to turn around estimates faster and get them in front of homeowners and potential customers without delays.

Provide more than one option for roofing repairs

Using roofing software like AccuLynx enables you to provide a “good, better, best” estimate when presenting to the homeowner, improving your customer service. Giving your customers multiple options can help them make a decision on a roof or features that better fit their needs. This could be based on what they can afford, where they live (weather factors), how much needs to be repaired, etc.

You’re able to provide these types of estimates because of how easy it is to quickly build estimates in AccuLynx. This not only saves you time, but also lessens the waiting time for your customer to know how much their project will cost.

Laptop with AccuFi

Offer financing options to help make payments more manageable

Regardless of how important this work is, homeowners can still be wary of the large purchase. Let them know about financing options available in AccuLynx, so you don’t lose their business.

Through AccuFi, available in AccuLynx, you can offer homeowners a fast and free way to see multiple competitive loan offers with no impact to their credit. Getting started with AccuFi takes only a few minutes, and once they select a loan option, you’ll be able to see when the loan is funded to keep the project moving forward. This not only keeps a customer for you, but strengthens your relationship and boosts your customer service.

Offer digital, secure payment options

The days of you having to drive to the homeowner to collect a payment are over. Today, customers expect the option to pay online, and with AccuPay, your customers can receive payment requests via email, saving you both time.

AccuPay lets you process debit, credit, and ACH payments from anywhere. When a payment is made through AccuPay, the amount is instantly applied to your job within AccuLynx. It will be reflected on the AccuLynx job page and sync to QuickBooks if you have it enabled.

Streamlined communication and collaboration

Screenshot of the roofing software's AccuLynx Customer Portal.

Give homeowners insight into their projects with a Customer Portal

Excellent customer service comes from keeping your customer in the loop throughout the project. Using a roofing software like AccuLynx does just that.

With the Customer Portal, customers can visit a custom web page to keep track of their project in real time, helping you minimize repetitive tasks and increase satisfaction.

Instead of making constant calls or sending message after message, you can use the portal to:

  • Share project details, photos, and documents
  • Request and process payments
  • Exchange messages
  • Offer access to financing
  • And more!

You can send the information you choose to the portal and as the job progresses, it is automatically updated.

The quick and easy access you and your customer have to the portal boosts your customer service. Being able to check out the project progress, ask questions, make payments, etc. at their own convenience, shows that you are there for them.

Keep customers in the loop with automated communication

Have you ever forgotten to call a prospect back because you had a lot on your plate?

Using a proper roofing software makes it easy to stay in touch without any information falling through the cracks. You can create automatic tasks in AccuLynx to follow up with customers, or you can send them automated or 1:1 emails and text messages to connect. You can also set up triggers to send those automated text messages based on certain job milestone changes, order related events, etc. The entire communication history is automatically stored in the Job File, so you can reference it at any time.

People roofing.

Efficient project management

Efficient project management is crucial to achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. If your project is a mess and unorganized, for example, if a crew doesn’t show up or part of the job is backed up, you risk hurting your relationship with the customer. Using roofing software for production management helps you streamline your project from start to finish and make sure everyone on your team is on the same page. These features give you greater control and visibility into each of your roofing jobs.

More efficient scheduling & resource allocation

When you’re ready to start a project, you can use AccuLynx to efficiently schedule your crew and allocate your resources. The production calendar allows you to access all of your company’s appointments, deliveries and schedule labor. Use filters and color-codes to find what you need and make updates quickly. If you ever need to make changes, team members are automatically notified so everyone knows what is happening.

Create custom workflows for your trades

AccuLynx has customizable workflows to streamline your projects, which reduces delays, and helps keep your customers happy.

You can create workflow statues and checklists within the pipeline and build different step-by-step statuses within each milestone. Each step must be checked off before the job can move forward on your pipeline.

These tools let you head off any potential problems before they arise. With the production management features in AccuLynx, you will always know where each job stands and if milestones aren’t being reached, you can prioritize what is getting worked on first. AccuLynx allows you to forecast your job and schedule it effectively.

Roofing software tools

AccuLynx has the tools to deliver exceptional customer service

Your company’s reputation is too important to not use roofing software.

Putting the tools in place that will allow you to deliver great customer service will ultimately drive more business and increase profits.

If you’re ready to take your customer service to the next level, schedule a demo with AccuLynx to see how these tools can help.

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