How Roofing Apps Help You Spend Less Time Onsite

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Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish all of your goals for your roofing business. If you had a few extra hours, or even an extra day, you could sell more jobs, put together a killer business strategy, or expand your business into new areas.

While there’s no way to add more hours to a day or days to a week, there are many tools that can help roofers reduce time spent on repetitive and administrative tasks so you have extra hours to spend on other aspects of your business. One way to find this extra time is to start using roofing apps to help you manage your business. Here are a few ways that roofing apps can help you spend less time on-site—so you can spend more time on other things.

Adding Important Information

Have you ever had to spend valuable time taking notes or filling in information after talking to a prospect or customer? Maybe all your files are on paper, so you have to fill in a form by hand to make sure you can give your prospect the correct estimate. Maybe you have a system that only works on a desktop computer, so you have to wait until you’re back in the office to take note of what you talked to your customer about. You might also be struggling with the time it takes to put together estimates and contracts. Not only does this eat into your valuable time, it also adds extra steps to the estimating and approval process, requiring you to visit the prospect multiple times before you can start work.

Some roofing apps allow you to take your roofing software system into the field with you, enabling you to document important details about your jobs directly from your mobile device. AccuLynx developed a Field App to give roofers access to the power of our business management tools from the field. This includes the ability to add information to a given job or customer file so your records are always up to date. The Field App also gives you the capacity to create estimates and contracts directly from your phone or tablet. With this roofing app, you’ll be able to go from conversing with a prospect to presenting them with an estimate efficiently and quickly, without having to return to the office to do it. Not only does this save your, and your customer’s, time, it also reduces the number of visits to the job site required for your roofing business.

Getting A Signature Using A Roofing App

Roofers can spend a lot of valuable time chasing down signatures, too. Having to return to the job site multiple times before work starts is a drain on time and resources. When you can streamline the approval process on your projects, you make it possible for work to start sooner, save your customers’ time, and free up valuable company resources.

One way to reduce the time spent on collecting signatures is to use a roofing app. The AccuLynx Field App contains eSign technology, allowing roofers to capture digital signatures directly within the app. This means that not only can you create contracts and other orders on the spot, you can also get them approved by the customer immediately. All e-signatures made in the AccuLynx app are legally binding, so you’re protected should anything go wrong. And you can use the time that you once spent tracking down signatures on other tasks—like planning how to reach out to more prospects in your area.

Keeping Your Crews Connected

Keeping the lines of communication open between subcontractors and crews and the rest of the roofing business is essential to make sure work is completed efficiently and smoothly. Sometimes, the difficulty of passing along instructions to crews creates a slowdown of work, requires multiple visits to the job site, or decreases customer satisfaction with the work. Making it easy for crews to access important information about the job goes a long way towards delivering quality, timely work.

AccuLynx has developed a mobile Crew App to help roofing businesses stay connected to subcontractors and crews. With this app, it’s easy to update crews on important job information, stay in touch with them about the work, and assign them tasks. Crews can also get directions to the job site and share photos of how work is progressing. All communication with the mobile Crew App is stored in AccuLynx, so it’s easily accessible and can be referred back to if needed. This reduces the potential for error and gives crews the most up-to-date information, so they won’t need to return to the job site over and over again to complete the work. The better the communication between crews and the rest of the team, the more efficiently work can be completed.

You can get some time back in your day with the use of roofing apps to streamline your work. Creating estimates and contracts on your phone, getting mobile signatures, and staying connected to crews frees up valuable time and makes it possible for you to spend less time on the job site.

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