3 Ways Roofing Subcontractor Software Can Save You Hours

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During a roofing project, your company can often face many time-consuming challenges related to managing your subcontractors. Scheduling conflicts can come up out of nowhere, problems can happen on-site, or essential documents might get left at the office. When these problems arise, you might find yourself taking hours out of your day to drive out to a job site to deal with whatever comes up.

With subcontractor scheduling software, such as the production and crew management tools in AccuLynx, these problems can be avoided or handled more efficiently without leaving the office. Here are three ways you can better manage and communicate with your crews and subcontractors by incorporating software into your operations.

1. Easier scheduling tools

Scheduling problems will inevitably pop up throughout the busy season. Whether it is new jobs that need crews, weather delays, or material delays, accessing and adjusting schedules quickly can help move jobs forward at a better pace.

By using a subcontractor scheduling application like the mobile Crew App, along with the interactive production calendar in AccuLynx, you can easily see and adjust all subcontractor schedules in one centralized location. Once a crew is  booked, they are automatically notified and can access their schedules right from their phone. This helps move jobs along quicker, no matter what issues may come up, and ensures that crews don’t miss any updates about schedule changes — reducing the chance of a no-show.

2. Share important documents & information

While on-site, the ability to access documents and job information can keep crews and subcontractors informed and help move projects forward more efficiently. Utalitizing Software can enable you to share important job information and documents directly with your subcontractors or crew leads. With subcontractor software, you’ll save time and money associated with traveling to jobs to provide crews and subcontractors with paper documents. Instead, they can access all this on their phones or mobile devices.

While sharing these documents are important, it is always essential to have an accessible way for your subcontractors to access other information, such as site directions, points of contact, permits or material and labor orders digitally. With AccuLynx mobile Crew App, they can do all this and more from virtually anywhere.

3. Keep tabs on job progress

Knowing what happens on a job site is important for making sure that a job is running smoothly, but being on-site all the time isn’t an efficient way to spend your time. Instead, you can use software to keep tabs on what is happening while avoiding the need to travel to a site. Subcontractor software, such as AccuLynx’s mobile Crew App, makes communicating  between the job site and office easy.

Share Checklists: Create and share customized checklists and get notified when each step is completed to avoid excess phone calls or texts to your crew leads

Photos: Your crews and subcontractors can take pictures of the job site before, during, and after the work right from the app, saving them directly to your job file.

Messages: If someone has a quick question or concern while on-site, they can easily communicate back and forth in Spanish or English and all recipients are notified in real-time.

Utilizing these tools helps address any issues quickly and all communication is stored in a single, accessible location so you can look back and see what’s already been discussed or if something goes wrong.

Do all of this and more with AccuLynx

An efficient way to communicate back and forth with your crews can save you time and trips to the job site. With subcontractor software, such as the mobile Crew App and production tools in AccuLynx, you can save time, keep jobs on schedule, eliminate communication issues, and so much more without leaving your office. Learn more about AccuLynx, or check out a demo to see how roofing software can help your business save time and grow this summer.

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