How to Build a Sustainable Roofing Sales Funnel

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Is your sales process ready to support business growth for this upcoming busy season? There are a lot of specific details that go into improving the quality of your pipeline, such as how your roofing prospects move through the roofing sales funnel, what your documentation looks like, how you collect payments, and how you follow up with your prospective customers.

While you can do many of these tasks manually, using software to manage your pipeline can streamline your sales process more effectively and leave less room for error. Here are 4 tips on how to build a sustainable roofing sales funnel with the help of software:

Standardize Your Sales Process

When new leads come in, it is essential to have a standardized process set up for everyone to follow. Having a checklist of steps ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

While it is possible to achieve this with spreadsheets or other tracking techniques, relying on a paper trail or multiple applications can increase the chance of losing information. With roofing software like AccuLynx, you can create a more efficient and effective way to move your customer through the sales process.

The AccuLynx workflow manager provides greater insight into your jobs and where they are within the roofing sales funnel. Before you start collecting new leads, think about every step you would want a sales rep to take. This may look something like, “Set an Appointment, Perform an Inspection, File a Claim, Create an Estimate, and Schedule an Estimate Review Meeting.” All of these things will need to happen before a prospect can be moved to the next step in your production process. With AccuLynx, you can create different statuses that provide a way to see where in the pipeline a job is and checklists for sales reps to know what needs to be taken care of while the prospective customer is in that status. This tool helps keep your sales reps accountable and provides greater insight into your business.

Use Automated Communications to Help Follow Up with Your Prospects

Following up with a prospective customer is an essential step in closing a deal, and sending automated emails and texts after an initial sales call or meeting can help you cater to your prospects more effectively and efficiently. With automations in AccuLynx, it is easy to set up a standardized cadence of how you communicate with your prospects. To do this, you can identify triggers within your process that will send text messages or emails automatically, keeping your business top of mind while homeowners are considering their options. You can also set up automations to confirm appointments with prospective customers, remind them of an appointment, or provide updates throughout the sales process.

Use Professional-Looking Invoices and Documentation

Presenting your customers with professional, organized documentation will help you win more sales and run your business more efficiently. While it is possible to create professional documents manually, turning them into digital documents can speed up the time it takes you to move your job through the roofing sales funnel.

With SmartDocs in AccuLynx, you can produce faster, more accurate estimates by creating templates from your most frequently used documents, such as contracts, material orders, inspection reports, and more. After creating your templates, your customer’s information will auto-populate, leaving less room for errors due and double data entry.

AccuLynx also helps you ensure the accuracy of your estimates and material orders. Using our integrations with aerial measurement suppliers EagleView and SkyMeasure, you can order a measurement report directly from your AccuLynx account. Once the results are ready, they will automatically populate into your estimate.

This process also extends to material ordering. AccuLynx has integrations with major material suppliers: ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, and Beacon Building Products. With these integrations, you can build your estimate using real-time pricing and availability from your preferred distributor. Once an estimate is approved, you can submit a material order directly to your supplier through AccuLynx and schedule delivery, cutting down the number of steps it takes to finalize a deal.

Provide Financing and Online Payment Options

Offering financing and online payment processing is another way to help your roofing business streamline and sell more jobs. Today, customers expect businesses to accept credit cards, online payment processing, and to offer financing.

Roofing projects can get expensive, and by offering financing options to your customers, you can provide them with a more flexible way to fund their project. AccuFi, a free financing program integrated with AccuLynx, allows customers to finance their jobs instead of paying for everything upfront. Having this option available provides a simple way for homeowners to pay off their project over time without any delay in when you get paid. You can provide your homeowners with the option to apply for financing right from the estimate, and they will receive multiple competitive loan options without affecting their credit scores.

Another way to provide your homeowners with payment options is by offering online payment processing. AccuPay, AccuLynx’s online payment processing service, gives you an easy and efficient way to collect credit, debit, or e-check payments from virtually anywhere. AccuPay simplifies the payment process by having your office send homeowners a link via email so they can pay for their roof project right from their homes. Your office will also see the funds deposited in your accounts faster than traditional methods, which helps keep projects on track.

Build a More Sustainable Roofing Sales Funnel with AccuLynx

Software can help you efficiently move a prospective customer down the roofing sales funnel and help increase your chances of winning the sale. AccuLynx provides many ways to improve your sales pipeline, such as more accurate estimates and more ways for customers to pay and apply for financing. Want to know more? See a quick demo on how AccuLynx can help your business.

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