How AccuLynx Integrations Help Complete More Roof Orders

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The roofing industry is growing and is expected to top $51.9 billion by the end of 2021. While that is an exciting number for those in the industry, it also brings an increased workload.

Taking estimates by hand, using multiple spreadsheets, or jumping between different software systems might work for you now, but if you want to win even more jobs, it just isn’t scalable. By introducing a CRM system like AccuLynx into your day-to-day management process, you can create standardized procedures to help your business run smoothly.

Here are three ways that AccuLynx helps contractors like you complete more roof orders:

Create Quicker, More Accurate Estimates

Accurate estimates benefit everyone. The more accurate your estimate, the less likely you will underbid for a project, purchase too few or too many materials, or provide a faulty cost projection to the homeowner. The best way to guarantee the most accurate estimates is to use aerial measurements.

Aerial measurements provide a detailed analysis of a roof and all of its dimensions with 95% accuracy. AccuLynx integrates with two of the top aerial measurement companies, EagleView and GAF QuickMeasure, and you can order measurement reports directly from the AccuLynx dashboard or job file.

Not only are aerial measurements more accurate, but they also take less time to complete. Instead of spending hours up on the roof, diagramming out all the angles, and manually uploading the data, you can digitally order a measurement in minutes right from the AccuLynx dashboard. This feature allows you to complete estimates quicker with less room for human error, saving you more time to move forward with other jobs and grow your profits.

Simplify the Material Ordering Process

After taking the roof measurements and assessing what needs to be done, you need to order your materials. Since you have a more accurate estimate due to aerial measurements, you will have an easier time ordering the right amount of materials.

When using AccuLynx, there is no need to jump to a different program or manually input information to order the necessary products. AccuLynx integrates with SRS Distribution and ABC Supply, which means you can order directly from either of these distribution companies without leaving AccuLynx. You can also see what materials are in stock, your negotiated real-time prices, and receive status updates in one centralized location through this integration.

Implementing this integration into your workflow can help you win more jobs by giving you the ability to educate your customers about the cost of products and their availability. This can help build a better relationship with your customer right from the start.

Provide Homeowners with Online Payment & Financing Options

Providing payment options is a way for you to make your services more appealing to homeowners. Roof orders are not cheap, and by providing online payment options and financing options, your homeowners will feel more comfortable investing in your services.

With AccuLynx, you can take advantage of online payment options through AccuPay, a seamless payment integration that allows roofing contractors to process credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks over the phone, in person, or online. Contractors can request, process, and track payments in one seamless workflow while giving customers more flexibility.

AccuFi is another integration in AccuLynx that provides your customers more options and flexibility when paying for your services without extra work for you. With AccuFi, customers can apply for loans directly from their estimate without the need to go to a bank. AccuFi breaks down projects into more manageable monthly payments and helps to eliminate slowdowns or delays during the estimation stage.

One Tool to Increase Your Roof Orders

Incorporating these services into your sales strategy allows your customers to take ownership of how they will pay for their services and ensures you will receive your funds faster, so you can get to work without any delays.

AccuLynx provides contractors like you tools that can help streamline the estimation and sales processes. Integrations with aerial measurement providers, material suppliers, and financing options help eliminate manual errors, save time throughout the ordering process, and provide homeowners with more options when making payments. See how you can start winning more jobs and completing more roof orders with Acculynx in a customized demo.

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