Introducing the First Reporting Mobile App for Roofing Contractors

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Now Available on iOS and Android 

Here at AccuLynx, we believe roofing companies have a significant opportunity to maximize their growth by leveraging the data they already store in AccuLynx. So we’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new mobile reporting app for roofing contractors. 

With this release, the ReportsPlus mobile app is set to become the new foundation for monitoring business performance and analyzing data on the go, giving roofing contractors a better understanding of how they’re performing and what areas need improvement.

Mobile App for Roofing Contractors

How it Works

You’re probably wondering, “What exactly does the ReportsPlus mobile app do? Will I be able to take advantage of the same ReportsPlus features in AccuLynx from the mobile app?”

The short answer: Yes!

The ReportsPlus mobile app is designed for use with your AccuLynx account, giving you access to a set of easy-to-use reporting tools right from your iOS or Android device. You can use the app to view vital information about your roofing jobs—in the field or on the go.

Track Business Performance No Matter Where You Are

Whether you want a quick business performance overview or a more in depth look into your roofing jobs, the ReportsPlus mobile app gives you access to live company data that you’re looking for no matter where you are. You can easily create, share and customize reports—all from your mobile device.

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View the Information That’s Important to You

The beauty of ReportsPlus is that you have the ability to see the information that YOU want to see. Many reporting features in other CRMs don’t allow for easy customization. With ReportsPlus, you can create, edit and share customized dashboards across your company or department from the desktop or mobile app.The most convenient part is that your favorite (or most viewed) reports can be saved and sorted to the top of the list for you to easily find the reports that you’re looking for. 

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Access a Collection of Pre-Built Reports

The ReportsPlus mobile app provides quick access to pre-built reports showing data on job milestones, permits, supplements, materials, billing information, estimates and more. You can edit or filter any report from the app and bookmark them for future use, as well as scheduling reports to be delivered to the necessary team members.

Get started using the ReportsPlus mobile app today! Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play on your mobile device to download the app. 

See how AccuLynx’s mobile app for roofing contractors can help your business grow.

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