What Custom Reporting Does for Roofers

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When running a roofing company, it’s no secret that it’s important to know how business is performing. Project management software provides a variety of custom reporting features to help you gain insight into performance, track job progress and any other areas you want to stay in the loop on. 

But not all reporting features are created with a roofing business’s workflow in mind. Here are some ways that custom reporting for roofers helps businesses like yours.

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See Data That’s Relevant

Roofing software offers custom reporting specifically for roofers that other CRMs don’t. Instead of just basic reports surrounding leads and finances, these types of reports allow business owners and their teams to view job milestones, estimates, material orders, permits and other data that is important to their company. These types of custom reports also provide the ability to see what is happening in the different areas of the business. 

custom reporting for roofers and team members

Gain Insight Into Different Areas

Instead of just getting a broad view of overall business performance, you can get a detailed look at different areas of the company and how they’re doing. Custom reporting features allow you to create separate reports for specific areas of operation. If your office staff wants a report surrounding the past month’s finances, you can set up reports in the software to highlight this information. This also helps keep your other team members updated on what is going on in their area of work. 

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Keep Key Team Members in the Loop

When you or your staff are wanting a specific type of report, not only is it easy to generate, but it’s also easy to deliver to members of your business that need it. After creating the reports that target what you are wanting to view for your business’s performance, you can actually designate who gets them and when. If your sales managers what want a rundown of sales metrics on the first of every month, you can set up the report, designate who receives the report, when it should be delivered and how often. This way your team leads and staff know how their departments are performing at all times. 

Custom reporting not only helps keep roofing businesses in the loop on their performance, but it also aids in the streamlining of communication between departments. Everyone from various parts of the business can see the information they need to get the job done and increase the company’s growth opportunities. 

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