How to Get Powerful Business Insights with Custom Reporting in AccuLynx

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As anyone who operates a small to medium business understands, making decisions that impact the short and long term growth of your company are often made based on a gut feeling and the information you have in front of you. A good leader knows when and how to make decisions. However, good decisions should be based on an understanding of your complete business intelligence in order to see real, attainable growth. Custom reporting in AccuLynx can help you leverage business intelligence to make those decisions.

According to, business intelligence is:

…an umbrella term that covers the processes and methods of collecting, storing, and analyzing data from business operations or activities to optimize performance. All of these things come together to create a comprehensive view of a business to help people make better, actionable decisions.

Understanding all of this information can help roofers make better business decisions. With access to historical data to identify trends, and key performance indicators (KPI’s) to help spot changes in sales or revenue, business data can improve nearly every aspect of the way your company operates.

Digital reporting systems, like those built into AccuLynx, have created a new way to organize, analyze and act upon these critical insights. Pre-built reports that populate with your data means your roofing business no longer needs to rely on Excel or other reporting systems that require you to import the data you want to see. Instead, AccuLynx allows roofers to customize the data that already lives in their account, creating reports and dashboards that give them a way to see and digest the information they want to see in a more manageable format.

Reports for Your Roofing Business

No need to reinvent the wheel, or try and make sense of complicated Excel spreadsheets – AccuLynx has 20+ reports that you can access, so you can start seeing your data right away.

These reports give roofers access to common business intelligence that they can use to unlock critical insights into the long term and short term performance of their company.

To customize a report, all you need to do is manipulate the standard fields and set your date ranges. You can make further customizations to any report, including how it is visually displayed (bar chart, pie chart, etc), set group calculations to help summarize the content, and even share that report with teams or individuals.

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More Cool Things You Can Do with AccuLynx Custom Reporting:

  • Search for reports by keyword
  • Schedule automated reports to designated roles or team members
  • Copy reports across different locations (so you don’t have to set it up twice)

custom reporting acculynx

Reports to Visualize Your Success

Being able to actually see your business intelligence means you will be better able to spot trends in your data, and make actionable decisions before problems arise.

Once you’ve identified what’s important to your roofing business, and you’ve customized the reports you need to qualify your performance, AccuLynx gives you the ability to create dashboards, where you can easily visualize your reports with your real-time data.

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Reports to Identify Your Daily KPI’s

  1. Lead Status Report: See your sales pipeline so you can plan for this month, next month, and beyond
  2. A/R Age By Salesperson: See who is performing well, and who needs more support
  3. Supplements Overview: Know where your money is, so you can better plan your production

Understanding how your business is operating through intelligent metrics means you will ultimately have more control over the future of your company’s growth. Reports from AccuLynx can help you achieve these goals.

Interested in learning more about reports in AccuLynx? Our Customer Success Coaches can give you a custom demo, and help you get started.

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