Get Your Employees On Board with Roofing Technology

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No one likes change. It takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to basically re-learn everything you already knew. But in the world of roofing technology, change is inevitable. Everyday there’s some app or newfangled gadget designed to make life a little simpler. And the roofing industry is no exception.

While these changes for roofers are helpful (and necessary), some team members aren’t always the most excited when it comes to updating their processes. This kind of resistance can make it hard to fully implement new changes as well as affecting morale across the office. Here are some ways you can help implement these changes without scaring off employees.

3 Tips to Help Your Employees Adopt Roofing Technology

Explain the benefits of new technology

Before anyone can shoot down the idea of new technology, it’s important to be able to explain why you are making these changes. Employees may not see the need for any upgrades if they are unaware of current performance and overall business goals.

Take some time to prepare an outline of where the company currently is and what you would like to see in the future. That could mean anything from adding more locations to increasing revenue.

When you are able to provide your employees with these kinds of details, they are able to have a better understanding of just how important implementing roofing technology is for the business. You can also explain that the more the company succeeds, the more money that goes into their pockets.

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Provide education for employees and crew

Making sure your team understands how your new roofing software works is the first step to being successful. This can range from providing one on one training with team leaders for department specific functionality to educating the entire company on each feature.

Start off by addressing the updates to all of the employees who will be using the new software. Plan to give them a high-level demonstration so they are aware of how each part affects each team. You should then meet with each team separately to give them a more detailed description, go over functionality and explain how it will affect their day to day activities.

Promote consistency when using roofing software

The hardest part of implementing new roofing technology is making sure everyone is using it. Some team members can easily fall into old habits, leaving more room for missing or duplicate information.

Maybe you have an office staff member who prefers tracking project statuses with Excel spreadsheets and isn’t comfortable with any type of tools that use automation. Remind them of the benefits by letting them know that while the process is changing, they no longer have to stress about errors, working late to meet deadlines, or waiting for someone to submit missing paperwork. All of these things are added in the system instantly.

Change is never easy, especially when it feels like a complete shake-up to practices used for years. Explaining the benefits and providing plenty of education will help your employees understand why implementing roofing software is so important to business goals, as well as goals for themselves.

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