6 Ways to Improve Your Roofing Sales Speed

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Everyone in the field is looking for ways to improve their roofing sales speed.

In an ideal environment, your sales staff would be able to make fewer site visits for a job and reduce the amount of time and resources spent on each project, effectively speeding up your roofing sales process.

So, how can you do it? Here are 6 simple ways that business management software like AccuLynx can speed up your roofing sales process.

Have a step-by-step process in place to streamline your roofing sales pipeline

Having a process in place can help you speed up your roofing sales. A step-by-step system ensures your sales team knows exactly what to do before, during, and after they visit a job site or speak to a homeowner, minimizing time spent figuring out what to do next and allowing them to work more efficiently.

Having a business management system like AccuLynx enables your roofing business to build out custom workflows that organize your business the way you want, including a series of step-by-step statuses you want your sales teams to follow. Each step of the sales process is documented and time-stamped, so business owners have more visibility into the sales process and can head off project delays before they happen.

You can also drill down even further by setting different statuses and customizable checklists for your trades and work types, so you know nothing will slip through the cracks.

Man using Acculynx's Lead Intelligence Feature to improve roofing sales.

Use Artificial Intelligence to help with your lead qualification

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new tool that is helping contractors vet lets and improve overall closing rates through advanced modeling.

Roofers who use AccuLynx have an advantage– the Lead Intelligence AI tool built right into the CRM utilizes third-party data and predictive analytics to automatically assign a “Lead Rank” or score to your leads and prospects, determining their likelihood to sell—so your sales teams can prioritize sales efforts, save time calling to vet lead quality, and be more strategic with lead assignments.

By leveraging data-driven insights, your sales teams can spend more time focusing on the right leads, instead of spending hours calling or door-knocking.

Pre-order aerial measurements for your jobs

One way you can improve your roofing sales speed while making fewer job site visits is to use aerial measurements rather than manual ones.

By pre-ordering aerial measurement reports for areas with storm damage through AccuLynx, your sales teams will already have access to accurate measurements that they can apply directly to their estimates, saving time up on the roof, and creating the necessary paperwork. Aerial measurements not only accelerate the estimating process but also aid in avoiding the loss of information and incorrectly entered data, ensuring that your staff won’t need to make any return trips to the site for re-measuring. AccuLynx works with trusted providers like EagleView and GAF QuickMeasure to directly input data into your job file, so your teams come to their appointments prepared.

A person on there computer using AccuLynx SmartDocs to streamline roofing sales paperwork.

Use templates to save time filling out the details

Every roofing business has its own standard set of paperwork, and oftentimes that means your sales teams are working off of a template. Templates are a great way to make sure nothing is forgotten – but what if they skip a section in haste, or accidentally overwrite a previous document?

AccuLynx has many tools that will help you save time and increase productivity when you have a lot of jobs in the pipeline, such as SmartDocs. With SmartDocs, you can create templates out of commonly used documents such as contracts or change orders that automatically populate with accurate customer information pulled from the relevant job file, speeding up the time it takes to get important documents out to customers. To ensure important fields are not missed, admins can set mandatory fields, such as phone number or insurance company, so your field reps can’t submit the file without first filling out the important details.

Using templates means no information gets forgotten and no follow-up phone calls or excess trips to the field are needed.

Communicate throughout the job with automations

Keeping customers informed and updated is crucial to maintaining a positive customer service reputation, as homeowners value staying informed about ongoing developments with their home. The Automation Manager in AccuLynx enables you to communicate more efficiently with customers by sending standard emails and texts, such as updates or appointment reminders, that will go out once a trigger is met. This saves you the time of needing to respond to individual messages. And, all of your messages are stored in the job file, so you can reference them at any time.

eSign your legal documents

Homeowners want to know they’re getting a good deal, so you can expect they’ll be getting several quotes for a job. You can take the stress off your roofing sales teams’ schedules by implementing a legal eSignature component to your paperwork so that once a decision is made, they don’t have to drive across town to get a simple scribble.

Sending your Estimate Packet to a customer via email is faster – customers know where to sign and initial, and once they’re done, it’s returned to your job file so your office team can start scheduling the material drop-off and crews.

And, if your roofing sales staff is so great that the homeowner wants to sign on the spot? eSignatures signed on tablets or mobile devices are equally as effective and legally binding.

A laptop and phone both displaying the AccuLynx dashboard used by roofing sales teams.

Improve your roofing sales with AccuLynx

There are many ways to cut out inefficiencies in your process without letting your quality or professionalism suffer. Finding the right balance for your company can help shave hours of redundancy off your sales team’s days, allowing them to visit more homes, make more sales, and deliver more profit to your roofing business.

See how AccuLynx can help your sales team in a custom demo.

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