Unlocking Sales Efficiency with AccuLynx + GAF Integrations

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AccuLynx roofing software integrates with two GAF products–GAF Leads and GAF QuickMeasure. As one of the largest roofing manufacturers in North America, GAF developed these products to help contractors improve their roofing sales techniques.

Learn more about these products and how the integrations with AccuLynx help contractors unlock even greater sales efficiency:

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Receive qualified leads in AccuLynx with GAF Leads

While high quality, ready to buy roofing leads can greatly improve close rates, they can be difficult to source. GAF Leads provides contractors with legitimate leads from a variety of sources and pulls them together within their platform.

The two-way integration allows AccuLynx users to automatically receive leads in their account, eliminating the need to log in and out of multiple programs. This roofing sales technique increases efficiency by allowing teams to get in touch with leads faster.

Automations in AccuLynx can help save even more time. For example, automated emails and texts can be created to inform homeowners that their inquiry was received and that a team member will be in touch to schedule an initial inspection. This frees up time to focus on more important activities–like delivering roofing estimates and getting contracts signed.

Order roof measurement reports with GAF QuickMeasure

Once contractors have established contact with the homeowner, they can leverage another GAF tool to streamline the sales process: GAF QuickMeasure. This tool eliminates the need for contractors to physically climb onto the roof for manual measurements, helping them save time, reduce accidents, and minimize the potential for human error.

Contractors can order GAF QuickMeasure roof measurement reports directly from AccuLynx and receive them quickly–in less than an hour for single family homes. These reports come into AccuLynx and provide contractors with high resolution 3D viewings, measurements, and a list of materials needed for the job. With this roofing sales technique, contractors can then use these measurements to auto-populate a professional-looking roofing estimate in AccuLynx that they can send to the customer for approval.

Speeding up the estimating and sales process allows contractors to get in front of homeowners faster than their competitors, leading to an increase in roofing sales.

AccuLynx dashboard

Manage everything from one place with AccuLynx

AccuLynx paired with GAF Leads and GAF QuickMeasure simplifies and streamlines the roofing sales process for contractors. Everything can be managed from one system so there’s no need to go into other programs to track leads, order measurements, or create estimates. By seamlessly syncing data, contractors can take advantage of these roofing sales techniques to be sure all their information is accurate and up to date.

The sales process shouldn’t be long and drawn out. That’s why GAF and AccuLynx do the heavy lifting to help contractors start selling more jobs and seeing real results.

Schedule a demo of AccuLynx to see the integrations in action and learn how customers average a 32% increase in job profits after just one year with AccuLynx.

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