4 Easy Tricks to Grow your Roofing Business This Year

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Acquiring new leads, staying organized, and nurturing customer relationships matter more as new roofing companies continue to pop up and compete for local market share. Contractors need to stay competitive in order to grow. Here’s 4 easy tricks you can use to grow your roofing business this year:

CRM software for growing a roofing biz.

Invest in roofing technology

In today’s technology bubble, knowing how to grow your roofing business starts with investing in the right technology that can help streamline your operations. Roofing CRM software improves how you operate on a daily basis, by streamlining processes, reducing the administrative workload, and improving communication.

All-in-one roofing business management software like AccuLynx, allows contractors to manage projects from start to finish without letting things fall through the cracks. AccuLynx can help you manage customer interactions, build estimates, order aerial measurements, manage production, and track your business performance.

Optimize your marketing

Building a trustworthy reputation helps you establish a presence within your area. Without effective marketing, homeowners may not even know you exist or could confuse you with the competition.

There are plenty of ways you can market your roofing company to boost your brand and increase revenue. For example, you advertise your services in local Facebook groups or sponsor community events. But how do you track what’s most successful for your business? Roofing CRM software like AccuLynx lets you see where your most profitable leads are coming from so that you can ensure your marketing dollars are well spent.

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Improving Communication with customer

Improve your communication approach with customers

Customers want to be in the loop throughout their project, and expect timely responses. This starts from when they are just a lead; if too much time passes between when they inquire about services and when you reach out, they’ve already chosen your competitor. Effective communication and transparency will go a long way in growing your roofing business.

Using roofing software like AccuLynx helps accomplish this with a Customer Portal. Customers can visit a custom web page to keep track of their project in real time, helping you minimize repetitive tasks and increase satisfaction.

With the AccuLynx Customer Portal, you can:

  • Share project details, photos, and documents
  • Request and process payments
  • Exchange messages
  • Offer access to financing
  • And more!

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Ask for referrals and close more sales

Perhaps the most successful way to sign on new customers is through referrals. This is an excellent way to get qualified leads, as they are already familiar with your work after speaking to someone who has used your services. If one of your customers loves the job you did on their new roof, you can ask them to refer you to a friend or family member. Plus, with AccuLynx’s automations, a referral request can be sent out automatically once a project is finished. It’s also easy to create a referral program and offer former customers an incentive. Referral marketing generates 3-5x higher conversion rates than other channels.

Referrals from previous customers automatically establish a higher level of trust in you as a roofing contractor and the quality of your work.

How to grow your roofing business with AccuLynx

How to grow your roofing business with AccuLynx

You won’t grow your business overnight, but if you start by choosing an all-in-one technology, you’ll have what you need to track your marketing success, communicate effectively with customers, and encourage your customers to refer your business to their friends and families.

AccuLynx streamlines your entire business from the initial lead to the final invoice, which is why thousands of roofing contractors have already turned to AccuLynx to help grow their business.

Get a custom demo and see how to grow your roofing business with AccuLynx.

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  • Charlotte Fleet
    February 23, 2022 5:52 pm

    Thanks for your many tips on growing your roofing business effectively, Nate. It makes sense that it would be beneficial to make customer service an active part of your business process. I’d imagine that a great way to improve your customer service would be by giving accurate estimates beforehand, which can be done properly with the help of an outsourced estimate writing service.


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