How the Best Roofing CRM Software Helps Small Businesses Be More Competitive

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As a small residential roofing contractor, you’re used to dealing with limitations—on your time, your resources, and your staff. You’ve accepted that you don’t have the same capacity as a huge organization. So you’re doing the best you can to keep your business growing. But there’s one tool that can help you sustainably expand your roofing business: roofing CRM software.

With the best roofing CRM software, you can surpass some of your limitations and compete with the bigger players in your space. Sound impossible? Here are a few benefits that roofing CRM software like AccuLynx brings to small residential contractors.

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Lead Intelligence Feature in best roofing crm software.

Take the burden off your employees

You and your staff are wearing many hats, since there aren’t a lot of you in the first place. Everyone has to pitch in on projects, and there are busy times when job roles are disregarded so the whole office can keep their heads above water. Anything you can do to reduce the burden on your staff would go a long way towards making your roofing business more productive—and maybe even give you time to do those things you always put off until later.

AccuLynx is the best roofing CRM software system; it can help streamline many of the job tasks that your employees are currently doing, freeing up their time to focus on growing the business, instead of just maintaining it. For instance, in AccuLynx you can:

  • Use our Lead Intelligence AI to qualify the best leads in your sales pipeline based on their likelihood to work with you.
  • Populate an estimate with real-time pricing, adjust your profit margin, and send it to the customer to be electronically signed in just a few clicks.
  • Order materials directly from ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, and Beacon instead of having to call the branch to ask for pricing or log into another system.
  • Store all your job information in the cloud, eliminating the need for keeping track of documents in a paper file.

All of these more efficient ways to complete common business tasks add up to save time and effort. On average, AccuLynx customers save 9 hours per week. And when your employees aren’t tied up in taking care of these tasks, they have more energy and creativity to put into the rest of their jobs.

Taking the best wrought with the best roofing crm software.

Be proactive, not reactive

Sometimes, a ton of work comes in, and everyone is scrambling. Other times, you hit an unexpected lull and you can’t figure out why. If you had more people, you might be able to stay on top of trends more easily and make business adjustments. But with the resources you have, it feels like all you can do is react to what happens rather than analyze what might happen. AccuLynx gives you tools to give your small team a head start when work starts to pile up.

Improve overall visibility with a company dashboard

AccuLynx offers a dashboard to help you visualize how all your jobs are progressing. You can easily track jobs from the first time you get a call to the arrival of the final invoice. At a glance, you’ll be able to tell which jobs need follow-up, whether you have enough work in the pipeline, and whether any invoices are outstanding. You’ll see a full picture of everything going on in your business, in one easily accessible place.

Access your business from anywhere

With the AccuLynx mobile app, you can reclaim valuable time in your day by identifying your daily tasks, taking and editing photos, and collecting electronic signatures right from your phone, all of which will help you spend less time on the job site. AccuLynx even offers a Mobile Crew App that keeps you connected to your subcontractors and crews as they work. With enhanced communication and better organization, your business has the capability to work quickly without sacrificing quality.

Manage changes to production from one dynamic calendar

With the Production Calendar in AccuLynx, you have access to many tools that will help you make changes quickly when something unexpected happens. From one calendar, you can easily view all of your different jobs organized by trade or crew, labor schedules, and material deliveries. So when weather strikes, you can reschedule all of your jobs with the click of a button, and everyone is automatically notified of the change–instead of spending hours on the phone calling.

Roofer talking with a customer.

Keep your customers in the loop

It is also important to communicate with the customer as well. Using the Customer Portal in AccuLynx, homeowners can visit a custom web page to keep track of their project in real-time, helping you organize communication and increase satisfaction. Instead of making constant calls or sending message after message, you can use the portal to:

  • Share project details, photos, and documents
  • Request and process payments
  • Exchange messages
  • Offer access to financing
  • And more!

Spot business trends with advanced reporting capabilities

The best roofing CRM software also offers reporting tools to help you look at the bigger picture. With features like ReportsPlus in AccuLynx, you can customize reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) and have them automatically sent to you on a recurring basis. With customizable reporting dashboards, it’s easy to visualize trends in your business performance. The more data you have at your disposal, the more informed decisions you can make to keep your business growing sustainably. You’ll also have a greater capacity to anticipate the ebbs and flows of your business and put plans in place to deal with them.

Eliminate double data entry and extra admin work

The best roofing CRM software enables you to significantly reduce the amount of extra work on your plate. Tasks such as sending follow-up emails, texting crews, and managing your finances are time-consuming. AccuLynx streamlines these processes and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

With the AccuLynx Automation Manager, you have the power to set up automated emails, texts, and tasks that are triggered by specific events in AccuLynx. For example, you can schedule an email to remind your homeowners of upcoming appointments or remind your accounting team to send a final invoice once a job is marked as completed. The system’s flexibility allows you to customize these automations, tailoring them to your unique business needs.

Additionally, AccuLynx integrates directly with QuickBooks, simplifying your roofing company’s accounting processes, reducing errors, and automatically syncing customer information between the two programs. This allows you to accurately track your spending, profits, and more.

Laptop displays the AccuLynx Dashboard signifying how the best roofing crm software can help you grow.

Grow your roofing business with AccuLynx, the best roofing CRM software

Small residential contractors might feel like they’re at a disadvantage when it comes to growing their businesses. But tools like the best roofing crm software provide the power they need to increase productivity. By reducing the time spent on administrative tasks, giving business owners an easy way to see the big picture, and helping employees work more efficiently, roofing CRMs give small businesses an advantage that helps them compete with bigger roofing companies.

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