Working with Insurance Companies After Storm Damage

With storm season in full swing, you’re probably going to—if you haven’t already—start seeing an increase in job requests that require working with the homeowner’s insurance company. 

Here are some ways that you can make the process a little less painful.

Document the Damage

When damage has occurred to a homeowner’s roof, it’s important to make note of all the affected areas. 

Using tools to record videos and take pictures help when providing insurance companies with details about the work you’ll be performing. With video and photo capturing and editing tools located in your contractor CRM, you can document everything your team and the insurance companies need to be aware of.

Provide Accurate Documentation

Another important part of the process when working with insurance companies is making sure all documentation including estimates, signed contracts, damage details and more.

Your contractor CRM allows you to store and send all of the necessary information the insurance adjusters need. This helps keep you organized and insures that everything gets sent to all parties in a timely manner. 

Facilitate Communication

One of the hardest parts for a homeowner when it comes to recovering from storm damage is knowing how to provide accurate details to their insurance provider. They can ask the homeowner specific questions that they won’t know how to answer and accidentally receive the wrong information. 

As the roofer working on this particular job, you can help facilitate the conversation between the homeowner, the insurance company and your roofing business. You can make sure any logistical questions are directed to you, while letting the homeowner know what the conversation entails. 

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