Impressing Your Customers With Mobile Roofing Technology

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Great customer service is at the heart of the roofing industry. Happy customers who recommend your business to others are an invaluable asset for every roofer, and delivering on customer expectations is crucial. Fortunately for roofers, there are many tools to help provide exceptional service. In particular, mobile roofing technology is an increasingly helpful option for improving the customer experience.

What do mobile roofing apps provide, and what benefits do they give to your customers? Here are just a few ways that you can impress your customers with mobile technology.

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Get Supplies Delivered Faster

In the same way that we can order food or coffee on our phones, roofing contractors can now order supplies straight from their phones. And it provides the same benefit—faster delivery, faster processing of the order, and no need to take time away from other things.

It’s not just that mobile sites have improved and many suppliers’ e-commerce pages are less clunky. There are also roofing software with mobile app versions that help you handle ordering. For instance, AccuLynx integrates with ABC Supply, the nation’s largest wholesale distributor of roofing supplies. With the AccuLynx mobile app, you can order materials directly from ABC Supply without placing a call or leaving the job site. All it takes is a few taps of your screen to have shingles, flashing or other crucial supplies on their way to your customer. Not only does this help keep your job on schedule, it also reduces the risk of error or wasted supplies and helps you estimate costs correctly.

Communicate With Your Crews

Breakdowns in communication can create a whole host of issues with projects. Whether it’s a missed update to the crew schedule, an unexpected repair that never gets added to the job file, or simply confusion about when the customer is available, the inability to communicate well with crews is a source of delays, slowdowns, and poor service.

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AccuLynx developed the Mobile Crew App to solve this problem. The Mobile Crew App provides a simple way to help your crews input job information, see instructions, take photos, and utilize the power of roofing software directly from their phones. It helps you manage your crews more efficiently, make sure everyone is on the same page, and keep up with project changes—without having to make tons of phone calls or equip your crews with a sheaf of papers.

When your crews are empowered with the information they need to work more effectively, and you have visibility into their schedules and tasks, it can significantly improve the work process. Your customers will appreciate the time savings and organization that result from using this tool and staying in touch with your crews.

Sign and Send Documents

Customers are increasingly technology-savvy, and they expect businesses to be the same. If you’re still sending your customers paper documents to sign, or coming back to the job site multiple times just to obtain signatures, you may be perceived as out of touch or old-fashioned. Customers are looking for convenience through technology in roofing, the same as in any other area of their lives.

One way to provide that convenience is through creating, sending and signing documents electronically. Services like SmartDocs from AccuLynx provide roofing contractors the ability to create custom documents, easily plug in customer information, and send it to be signed using a secure eSignature. And best of all, you don’t need a computer to take advantage of it. Every feature of SmartDocs can be used on a mobile device. Pulling out a tablet for your customer to sign or sending an email with documentation from the job site demonstrates your grasp of mobile roofing technology. What’s more, it saves the customer’s time and yours, and reduces unnecessary visits to the job site.

Document With Photos

Have you ever struggled to explain a repair to a customer? Or had your work questioned? There can be a disconnect between your understanding of a job and the customer’s understanding. During those times, it’s helpful to be able to connect the dots for the customer and provide some form of evidence for your work.

Using mobile roofing technology to take photos of the job site is a great way to answer customer questions and document your work. The more photos you can take, the better. Before you start work, use photos to document the job site before any work is done, including elements of the property that were previously damaged. Take lots of pictures of the roof itself, before, during, and after the work. With photo tools like the ones AccuLynx makes available on our roofing app, you can add annotations to help the customer understand what they’re looking at. Using photos to make the project clearer to your customers (and teams) and increases trust in your work that helps you deliver the best service.

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Mobile roofing technology can give you the power to provide cutting-edge service to your customers. When you combine roofing management software with apps and the mobile computing of your phone or tablet, you have everything you need for an improved customer experience—and a more streamlined work process for your business.

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