5 Ways to Create an Accountable Team Culture at Your Roofing Company with Software

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Accountability is the glue that holds a roofing business together. It’s essential to keeping your jobs moving forward, ensuring timely lead follow-up, and meeting your business goals. With the right systems and tools in place to increase accountability, your teams can communicate more effectively, take ownership of their work, and serve customer needs.

Roofing software like AccuLynx provides a centralized database of all your job information, acting as a single source of truth for your roofing company. Our tools make it easier to assign tasks, stay updated on how work is progressing, measure team performance, and keep track of schedules. Here are five ways you can use AccuLynx to create a more accountable team culture at your roofing company.

using software to create an accountable team culture

5 Ways to Promote Team Culture Accountability at Your Roofing Company With AccuLynx

#1: Send messages through AccuLynx

Great communication with your customers and team members is essential for your roofing business. But when everyone on your team is communicating using their own accounts and devices, it’s difficult to keep track of who has been contacted, see what has been said, and review past messages. This creates barriers to accountability and can lead to confusion and errors.

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AccuLynx gives roofing contractors the capability to send messages directly from our software platform. This helps you keep track of these messages and ensure customers and team members are contacted in a timely manner. All messages are saved in AccuLynx, so it’s easy to find them again if you need to. And since the messages are sent from the associated job file, you can see what has already been communicated and if any information is missing. Sending messages through AccuLynx can improve your communication and help you hold your teams accountable.

#2: Create automated tasks for important action items

Roofing businesses get busy, especially during the spring and summer, and it can be hard to stay on top of important tasks when there’s a large influx of work. Finding ways to stay organized and keep track of to-do lists will help all your teams work more efficiently and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. With a system in place to keep important tasks top of mind, you’ll be able to trust that your team members are doing what they need to do.

The Automation Manager in AccuLynx allows you to create automated tasks that trigger based on job events, milestone changes, or order-related events. For instance, you could create an automated task to pull a permit, build an order, or file a supplement that triggers whenever a job is moved to the “Approved” milestone. With automated tasks, you can choose who the tasks are assigned to, when they’re due, whether they’re high priority, and more. Using the Automation Manager to create automated tasks for important action items will help you make sure that no tasks are missed—no matter how busy your teams are.

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#3: Give your crews checklists

Helping crews stay accountable requires creativity, since most crews are subcontracted or temporary employees and they don’t have much interaction with the office staff. Improving your communication with crews in the field and creating greater visibility into what’s happening on the job site will increase the accountability of your crews.

AccuLynx has developed a Mobile Crew App to help bridge the gap between crews and office staff. With the Mobile Crew App, office staff can use AccuLynx to communicate with crews in the field, assign them tasks, and see how work is progressing. In return, crews can use the Mobile Crew App to get directions, send messages, and take photos of the job site. The app facilitates greater connection between all employees of your roofing company.

One feature of the Mobile Crew App that can improve accountability is the ability to create checklists for your crews. You can add action items to a checklist and break down a project into smaller tasks. As your crews complete the tasks, they’ll check the items off one by one, helping you see how a job is progressing. Checklists are a win-win for both you and your crews: they help crews keep track of work that needs to be completed and stay on task, and they help you keep up with what’s happening on the job site.

#4: Use reporting data to measure team performance

How are your team members performing? Without the right data, it’s difficult to get a complete understanding of which team members are strong performers—and which ones are struggling. Taking a deep dive into team results can help you encourage all team members to perform to their highest potential.

using reports to create an accountable team culture

AccuLynx offers robust reporting features that can help you better understand how your roofing company is performing. You can easily adjust our reports to reflect the data you care most about. For instance, AccuLynx allows you to run a report on AR age by salesperson, so you can see which of your salespeople might need more support to follow up on outstanding invoices. You can also use our reporting features to find out which of your salespeople has generated the most revenue in the past week, month, or year. AccuLynx even allows you to have reports delivered to your inbox on a weekly or monthly basis so you can stay on top of team performance more easily.

#5: Manage everyone’s schedules with a cloud-based calendar

In the roofing industry, schedules can change on the fly, and it can be difficult to keep track of your own appointments, let alone the schedules of the rest of your team. Keeping a pulse on deliveries and labor orders is essential to avoid duplicate scheduling, equip your team members to do their best work, and increase transparency.

The AccuLynx Production Calendar simplifies the process of managing schedules. This cloud-based calendar gives you a clear view of everything that’s scheduled for every member of your team. Appointments are color-coded by crew or team, and eye-catching symbols help you differentiate between labor orders and deliveries at a glance. It’s easy to make real-time changes, and team members are notified instantly when these changes are made. With the Production Calendar in AccuLynx, your roofing company can increase team culture accountability by helping everyone keep better track of their schedules.

An Accountable Team Culture is Within Reach

Implementing roofing software like AccuLynx can help you create a more accountable team culture. With tools to help everyone stay on top of tasks, communicate more effectively, and improve their performance, AccuLynx makes it easier for everyone in a roofing company to do their best work. Instead of micromanaging your teams, you can trust that they are working towards your business goals.

using software to create an accountable team culture

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