Why a Roofing CRM is the One Tool Your Roofing Office Needs

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When small businesses are ready to make the transition from paper and Excel files to a software platform, a lot of the time, CRMs are only researched and considered for how they can benefit owners and sales teams. According to Salesforce,

A CRM is a game-changer for small businesses. It enables your sales team to reach higher levels of productivity and gives you a bird’s-eye view of your company’s performance through comprehensive reporting.”

While it is true that AccuLynx is a valuable asset to both Managers and Sales Teams, it can also be the most critical tool your business has for a very important group of people: Your Office Administrators.

Office Admins and Managers are the behind the scenes heroes of your business – they are your organization gurus whose skills range all the way from Team Management and Accounting, to being able to decipher that one rep’s terrible handwriting.

“Office managers oftentimes are the go-to person for many issues, personal as well as professional…It’s not uncommon for an OM to be a counselor, supervisor, mentor, parent and Ann Landers all rolled into one. OMs are one of the most critical and visible employees, because their job touches almost every aspect of the business.” [source]

Giving these valued staff members the tools they need to perform their jobs quickly and efficiently is an investment that makes their lives easier, as well as making your business more organized.

The pinnacle of organization

When a CRM works the way you need it to, it becomes the central repository of all Job-related knowledge within a business, giving your office staff immediate, intuitive organization, accessible by anyone on any team, anytime.

For Office Staff, this means that all of their paperwork – estimates, invoices, material orders, warranties, labor schedules, notes, and photos – are all in the same place for every Job that your sales team moves through the pipeline. They no longer need to field calls from Sales in the field, asking for a specific piece of information or single document. Office staff can use AccuLynx to update a Job File, and notify specific teams, without interruption. What’s more, since AccuLynx knows not every business is the same, your teams can customize nearly everything so that your office staff aren’t trying to force round pegs in square holes when it comes to how you already do business.

Accounting integration

Data entry is a necessary evil of doing business – so why do it twice? By connecting the accounting functions of QuickBooks to your organization hub in AccuLynx, your bookkeepers can continue to work in their program, and your Office Managers, Sales and other staff only need to look in once place to see all of the financial information that pertains to a given Job.

Office Managers can set permissions and commissions through the AccuLynx and QuickBooks integration so that Sales Teams only see the numbers they need to see, but owners and executives can always keep track of where their money is on any given Job, or as a company overall.

Scheduling Becomes Easier

When you employ several crews over the course of a season, managing their time based on each individual project can be a difficult and logistical challenge. Office Admins are probably already organized, with several color coded calendars to help them keep track, but having all of that as well as the ability to schedule and notify crews directly from the AccuLynx CRM eliminates one more unnecessary program from their desktop.

Estimates, Orders, Invoices & Material Orders All With the Click of a Button

For Office Admins, being able to custom-build your templates, pre-set with all of the required information that you need, and accessible within AccuLynx saves time and headaches when someone can’t find the right document or accidentally overwrites a file.


Customizing AccuLynx SmartDocs means office staff can determine what information they need for any given estimate, and set editable fields for the sales staff to fill out from the site, ensuring that estimates are returned to the Job File complete with all of the information needed to send along with additional warranties, material orders and labor schedules to a homeowners insurance company. These packets have verified e-Signatures included, so office staff are notified when a signature is added and returned, saving them time emailing back and forth, scanning and adding documents to individual files.

Once an estimate is signed by a homeowner, it can be converted to an Order with the click of a button.

Material Orders

Once that packet is returned to the Job File, AccuLynx connects to preferred supplier catalogs, and orders can be placed directly through the CRM from an Estimate, instead of needing to rebuild that order separately within another system. Admins can schedule material drop-off dates, times and even add notes that are recorded within that Job, so there is no confusion when the order arrives.


One more click, and your Office Admins and bookkeepers can convert paperwork into invoices and submit them through QuickBooks. With special trackers for supplements and mortgage checks, insurance paperwork stays clean and organized, there is no double entry, and the business owner can see overhead and costs as they are submitted in real-time – all without needing to switch out of AccuLynx.

Giving your Office Admin staff the tools that they need to be efficient and effective in their roles directly impacts the positive performance of your business.

We are the #1 roofing CRM. AccuLynx is designed to help contractors see their business more clearly and communicate better — there’s nothing to download or install — you just log in and get to work.

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