5 Questions Every Roofing Contractor Should Be Ready to Answer

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Today’s homeowners are better informed and have more questions to ask their roofing contractor than ever before. Are you prepared to give them the answers?

Here are 5 roofing questions homeowners may ask before hiring a contractor.

  1. What qualifications do you have?
  2. What types of warranties do you offer?
  3. What kind of project documentation do you provide?
  4. How will you communicate with me throughout the job?
  5. Do you accept digital payments?

In this article, we’ll dive into these key questions and provide tips on how you can be better prepared to answer them with AccuLynx roofing software.

5 important questions to ask a roofing contractor

1. What qualifications do you have?

An educated homeowner will ask qualifying questions in order to build trust with you. Be prepared to share information about your:

  • Licenses: If your state or city requires you to have proper licenses, the homeowner may want to see proof. Having these shows the homeowner you meet the requirements to work legally and safely.
  • Insurance: Provide proof of insurance coverage to the homeowner in case of an accident during the project. Your insurance policy will help protect you and the homeowner from potential liabilities. Show the homeowner that you carry general liability insurance and workers compensation, and explain how each protects both parties.
  • Experience: A majority of homeowners say company reputation is the most important factor during the selection process. Tell the homeowner how long you’ve been in business to show you’re a qualified roofer.
  • Previous projects: Highlight the quality of your work by having before and after pictures of similar projects. This helps the homeowner to visualize the finished product of their roof.
  • Reviews: Share what previous customers thought about your work. Positive feedback from past customers can help influence their decision.

Light bulb to show a pro tip for roofing contractors.AccuLynx tip: Using the proposal builder in AccuLynx, create an “about us page” that details your licenses, experience, and insurance. You can also add a photo page that includes before and after photos of past jobs and a page to highlight your reviews in a captivating way.

2. What types of warranties do you offer?

A homeowner may ask you what happens if something goes wrong when replacing a roof. Give them peace of mind to know that they are covered in the event of unforeseen issues.

Be sure to explain to the homeowner the types of warranties you offer and the differences between them, such as:

  • The standard manufacturer warranty, which covers the cost of defective materials from the manufacturer.
  • The workmanship warranty, which covers the cost and labor of any materials needed to make repairs due to installation.
  • The extended manufacturer warranty, which may be available for an additional cost and offers coverage beyond the standard warranty.

Clearly state the length of each warranty and which options will incur additional costs.

Light bulb to show a pro tip for roofing contractors.AccuLynx tip: You can store all of your warranty information in the Company Documents section of AccuLynx and easily add them to each sales proposal.

Man using his computer and phone to manage documents with AccuLynx

3. What kind of project documentation do you provide?

Your sales process is likely going to consist of providing the homeowner a number of documents. On top of sharing warranties, proof of insurance, and licenses, explain the importance of common documents, like:

  • Roof assessments, which will inform the homeowner of what problems you found on their roof through brief descriptions, photos, an aerial measurement report, and other necessary information about the roof damage.
  • Scopes of work, where you’ll explain how you plan to fix their roof, including the labor, materials, and equipment that will be needed to complete the project.
  • Shingle options, to help guide the homeowner when selecting the types of roofing system they want installed.
    Permits, to prove you have the necessary permission from the city or state to begin work on their roof.
  • Surety bonds, to show you accept responsibility for any sort of financial wrongdoing on your part. Providing this may make a homeowner feel more comfortable hiring you.
  • Estimates, which summarize the approximate costs of the scope of work.
  • Contracts, which are legally-binding documents that detail the work you will perform, as well as all of the final costs to repair the homeowner’s roof.

A seamless digital experience will simplify this process for you and the homeowner. Sending digital documents lets the homeowner review them on their own time, ask questions, and sign electronically when ready.

Light bulb to show a pro tip for roofing contractors.AccuLynx tip: With Smart(er) Docs by AccuLynx, you can combine all of the necessary documents into one digital file that you can easily share with the homeowner via a unique web link. All of your documents are also stored in the job file for easy access.

Woman using her phone to text her roofing contractor.

4. How will you communicate with me throughout the job?

Providing project updates is an important part of establishing trust with a homeowner. Meeting a homeowner’s need for timely, detailed updates is crucial, whether it’s by:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone
  • An online portal

Explain how you will inform them of updates like material delivery dates or schedule changes. Also let them know the best way to contact you for any questions or concerns.

Light bulb to show a pro tip for roofing contractors.AccuLynx tip: AccuLynx offers several tools to help you communicate with customers. Set up automated texts and emails to help save you time. You can also enable the Customer Portal to allow homeowners to follow their roofing jobs from start to finish. Here, you can upload photos, documents, and request payments. All of your communication is recorded in the job file for future reference.

5. Do you accept digital payments?

More than 70% of people prefer digital payments, especially for big-ticket items like roof repair. Let the homeowner know right away what types of payments you accept.

Some examples of digital payments that you could offer include:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • ACH or bank payments

Digital payments process faster, ensuring you get paid on time. There’s no need to collect paper checks and make trips to the bank.

Additionally, homeowners may also ask about financing options that you offer to help them manage the cost of the project. Offering financing could give you a competitive advantage by reducing affordability-related sales objections.

Light bulb to show a pro tip for roofing contractors.AccuLynx tip: AccuPay by AccuLynx allows you to process digital payments in person, online, or over the phone. All payments automatically sync to the customer’s job file. Additionally, you can offer homeowners a fast and free way to see multiple competitive loan offers that break down into easy monthly payments through our financing solution, AccuFi.

Start using AccuLynx today

AccuLynx is the industry’s #1 all-in-one business management software for roofing contractors. With a comprehensive suite of tools and features, it’s easy to answer any roofing question a homeowner might have. Schedule a demo today to see how AccuLynx can help your business.

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