5 Tips for Standout Roofing Proposals

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How to create roofing proposals using Smart(er) Docs by AccuLynx.

Beyond the numbers, your roofing quote can say a lot about you (and your business). So, how do you create a presentation that helps you stand out against your competition? We have 5 tips to enhance your roofing proposals, impress customers, and win more jobs.

5 tips for 5-star roofing proposals:

  1. Create branded roofing proposal template pages
  2. Provide homeowners with a single file
  3. Include different types of photos
  4. Provide multiple roofing system options
  5. Walk the homeowner through your presentation

1. Create branded roofing proposal template pages

Creating polished, company-branded pages that appear in every proposal is an important part of reinforcing your brand’s identity. These pages should feature your company’s logo, colors, and fonts to ensure consistency.

Roofing proposal template cover page, About us page, and placeholder.

Consider including the following pages in your roofing proposal template:

  • Cover page: Add your company name and logo, presentation title, location photo, homeowner details, and other relevant info.
  • About us or a value proposition page: Use this page to introduce your company to the homeowner. Highlight basic information and what sets your company apart from the competition.
  • Divider pages: These will help break up the information in your presentation. Consider adding pages with graphics that compare your company to competitors or a list of standard upgrades.
  • Background images: Where appropriate, add a background image to your pages to make it pop–as long as it remains easy to read. A well-placed company logo is a great choice.
  • Estimate placeholder pages: Adding placeholder pages allows you to quickly upload multiple estimates. Consider using a “good, better, best” roofing estimate method to give the homeowner options.

With Smart(er) Docs, you can build proposal templates with a consistent design that helps build trust with homeowners.

2. Provide homeowners with a single file

Avoid overwhelming the homeowner with multiple documents. Instead, combine everything into a single, easy-to-read proposal or packet. This approach makes it more digestible for the homeowner and simplifies organization for you.

With Smart(er) Docs, you can add as many documents as you want into one presentation.

The packet you create can include documents like:

  • Certifications
  • Warranties
  • Terms and conditions

3. Include different types of photos

You can use photos to provide context in your proposal. Photos are especially valuable in breaking up text-heavy sections so they are easier to read and understand.

roofing proposal template damage page.

Create a proposal that includes photos of:

  • Damage: Be sure to clearly show the homeowner all the damage you observed on their roof. Add annotations and descriptions of the damage.
  • Non-damaged areas: Let them know which parts of their roof do not need work done. This adds an extra layer of transparency.
  • Aerial measurements: Include measurement reports from EagleView or GAF QuickMeasure to show overhead views and diagrams of the home.
  • Past projects: Add photos of previous jobs similar to theirs that show the finished product. This is also a great way to showcase the level of work you do.

Smart(er) Docs lets you easily add photos throughout your proposal right from the AccuLynx job file.

4. Provide multiple roofing system options

Not every company offers or installs the same types of roofing systems.

Step up your proposal by including:

  • Types of shingles or systems you use and recommended
  • Different color options
  • Pros and cons of each system

A roofing proposal template page like this will help the homeowner in their decision-making process.

Man and woman looking at a proposal on computer.

5. Walk the homeowner through your presentation

How you present your proposal matters. Start by previewing your proposal in Smart(er) Docs. This will help you identify any edits you need to make before sharing it with the homeowner.

Once you’re ready to present to the homeowner, you have two digital sharing options in Smart(er) Docs:

  • Present Now: Ideal for use on a tablet or during a face-to-face meeting with the homeowner.
  • Send Presentation: Email a unique web link to the homeowner so they can view the presentation at their convenience.

With Smart(er) Docs, your proposals don’t need to require signatures. Homeowners can review the proposal, ask questions, and request revisions before signing. This flexibility allows you to make necessary adjustments during the negotiation process.

Use Smart(er) Docs to create eye-catching proposals

AccuLynx is the industry’s #1 all-in-one roofing software. With Smart(er) Docs, you can use templates to quickly create roofing proposals that win more jobs. To see this feature and more in action, schedule a demo today.

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