What is a Roofing CRM and How Can You Use It to Improve Your Business?

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What is a Roofing CRM?

A CRM, or customer relationship management software, is your business’s comprehensive system for managing your residential roofing business efficiently from start to finish. A CRM like AccuLynx can help you grow your company and increase your profit margins seamlessly. No matter the size of your business, you can benefit from incorporating software into your day-to-day processes.

Here are 6 ways AccuLynx can help you improve your business:

Improve visibility with custom workflows

Even though it is important, knowing what is happening in different parts of your business can be difficult. Old school techniques, like spreadsheets or paper filing systems, might give you some insight, but real-time visibility is difficult when many different people are making edits, or you have to track down files. With AccuLynx software, gaining insight into your jobs and how they are progressing through the pipeline is easy with features such as the custom workflow manager.

Custom workflows allow you to organize how you track your business in the way that works best for you. With custom status and milestones for your different trades, you can track each job in more detail as it progresses. Within each milestone, you can create a checklist or statuses, see time-stamped actions, and get real-time notifications so that you can keep tabs on different jobs and know instantly if your attention is required.

Communicate better with your crews and customers

Strong communication with your crews and customers is essential for running a business. Communicating regularly with your crews keeps you more aware of what is happening on a job site without physically being there. AccuLynx’s mobile Crew App provides a way to stay in touch with your crews from virtually anywhere. Through this, you can provide detailed labor instructions, provide material orders,, create checklists for your crews to complete, and receive photos and messages on the status of a job throughout a workday.

Keeping your customers informed is equally important as communicating consistently with your crews. By setting up automated emails or text messages,, you can keep your customers informed about the job status or remind them of appointments or upcoming payments.

Save time with Integrations

Jumping from multiple programs can be cumbersome. By investing in software that integrates with other companies, such as aerial measurement or material suppliers, you can quickly move jobs forward without having to jump between multiple websites or programs.

Aerial measurements provide an easy way to assess damage to a customer’s roof without having to do it manually. And aerial measurement companies, such as EagleView, provide a detailed roof analysis with 95% accuracy. Utilizing this technology can help make your estimates and material orders more precise, saving you money and creating less waste. With the AccuLynx integration with EagleView or SkyMeasure, you can order reports right from the job file and upload the information directly into your estimates and material orders.

The seamless transfer of information doesn’t stop there, either. Using integrations with material suppliers such as ABC Supply and SRS Distribution, you can order all the materials you need without leaving AccuLynx. Through these integrations, you can see available products by branch, your unique, real-time pricing, submit material orders directly, and receive automatic order status and delivery updates.

Win more jobs with payment options and financing

Roofing jobs are expensive, and how you accept payments can be the difference between winning a job or losing one. Providing multiple payment options can offer more flexibility for how your customers pay. With AccuPay through AccuLynx, providing these different options is second nature. Through this secure online payment processing, you can process credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks from anywhere on any device. AccuPay also seamlessly connects to your QuickBooks account, which helps eliminate errors and speeds up your accounting processes.

Providing financing options is another way that can help make the price of roofing jobs less daunting and help you win more jobs. Not everyone has the means to pay for an entire roofing job upfront, and by providing financing options, you can help make the job seem more affordable without sacrificing when you get paid. With AccuFi, AccuLynx’s 100% free financing integration, you can provide financing options for your customers right from the job estimate without adding work for you or affecting your customer’s credit score. Once your customer is approved for financing, funds are deposited into their account within 1-2 days after providing lender documentation.

Stay organized with the Job File

From paperwork such as contracts and material orders to communication with customers and crews, there’s a lot that goes into a job. Having a central area to store everything helps you stay organized and ensures nothing slips through the cracks, including all the photos taken at the job site before, during, and after a roofing job. With the AccuLynx Job File, everything regarding one job is in one place, and access is granted only to those who need it. This provides a way to make sure everything is organized and lessens the chance for errors or lost information.

Use a mobile version of your roofing CRM on the go

Take AccuLynx on the road with you by using the mobile Field App. Whether you’re meeting with a homeowner or checking in on a job site, you can access everything you might need pertaining to a job right from your mobile device. Check your schedule for the day, access job details or documents, view conversation history with a customer, receive or share photos, and so much more from anywhere. With the mobile Field App, you can stay connected to the office no matter where your jobs take you.

Learn more about how AccuLynx can help you

Choosing a CRM system can seem like a big decision. There are many out there, each with different features that can help you manage your business better. AccuLynx has helped many residential roofing companies grow their business and increase their profit margins exponentially due to its many features and integrations listed above and more. Learn how AccuLynx can help your business grow with a custom demo.

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