The Dashboard You Need to Run a Successful Roofing Business

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As roofers and contractors, you rely on your data to drive your business ahead, and to run a successful roofing business. The right reports can unlock critical insights into your sales and production process, job costs, and marketing leads – but understanding this data can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to reporting on the KPIs that matter to you.

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In this episode of The Roofer Show, we’ll talk to Lynn Foster, the Director of Operations at AccuLynx about:

  • Why understanding your data is important
  • How reports can give you a competitive edge when it comes to strategizing future production
  • What kinds of reports roofers should be looking at to understand business performance
  • How to leverage that information in order to make actionable decisions
  • Why AccuLynx created ReportsPlus, as a custom tool to help roofers analyze their data and apply that information to their business practices

Run a Successful Roofing Business

Listen to the podcast and unlock the dashboard needed to run a successful roofing business.

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