Ensure Roofer Safety with Unique Building Structures

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Roofer safety should always be a top priority. If you’ve flipped to any news channel or pulled up any outlet’s webpage, you’ve definitely heard about the devastating effects of the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral. While the loss of so much history is upsetting, it’s also brought back up thoughts about increasing roofer safety. This terrifying experience for the roofers tasked with repairing the damage of such an untraditional structure will have lasting impacts on the roofing industry as a whole.

Every roofer has faced an unusual home or commercial building design at some point in their career. Making sure your roofers are prepared and kept safe when navigating a layout that is unfamiliar—and possibly dangerous—can give you and your crew some peace of mind. 

Here are some ways to make sure you and your roofing team stay safe.

Roofer Safety Tip #1: Follow OSHA Standards

One way to make sure your crew is safe is by following the guidelines set by OSHA. This can be everything from making sure harnesses are being worn and secured to proper training. While sometimes the rules and regulations might feel a little over the top, they’re put in place for scenarios such as roofing jobs with unusual layouts.

Roofer Safety Tip #2: Educate Your Crew

Next to making sure your team is up to date with all of the OSHA guidelines, the other important thing is to educate everyone who participates in field work. Showing them the different techniques to properly—and safely—navigate various roofing structures helps keep you from a hospital visit and your crew from stressing while on the job.

Roofing Resource: OSHA Safety Guidelines

Roofer Safety Tip #3: Skip Measuring by Hand

Climbing a ladder to gather measurements for any typical home or commercial building is a task in and of itself. But when trying to accurately calculate measurements for an unusual structure, it can be a challenge—physically and mentally.

Thanks to modern technology your roofing crew can gather up-to-date measurements quickly. With aerial measurement reports, you can get all the current dimensions of the roof right from your contractor CRM. These reports integrate right into your system and allow for easy estimates, eliminating the need to even scale the roof.

roofing aerial measurements

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