Ditch Your Whiteboard: 4 Ways AccuLynx Roofing Scheduling Software Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

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A number of things can go wrong when you rely solely on a whiteboard to manage your production and scheduling. Important information can be erased or moved by mistake and it can be difficult to tell if the whiteboard reflects your most current production schedule. In addition, if things need to be rescheduled, updating the whiteboard and notifying all your crews and the homeowners can involve a lot of tedious manual work.

AccuLynx roofing scheduling software improves efficiency and communication when it comes to managing your production calendar. With scheduling tools that let you sort, schedule, and track all of your projects and crews from one dynamic location, you can be comfortable erasing your whiteboard for good.

We’ve outlined 4 ways the production tools in AccuLynx can take your business to the next level.

Laptop displaying the AccuLynx Production Calendar

1. Production Scheduler

AccuLynx’s Production Scheduler lets you see all of your labor assignments and material delivery dates all in one calendar view, so you always know what is being worked on or coming down the pipeline.

The Production Scheduler lets you color-code jobs by trade or crew, so you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. And if you need to reschedule one or multiple jobs, you can easily drag and drop the appointment to the new date, which automatically notifies your crews of the change. This roofing scheduling software tool also allows different staff members to view the calendar and see the projects and assignments relevant to them.

The production scheduler also has filters so you can see details that are most important to you, as well as how you view the calendar. You can zoom in and out to see two weeks out, a couple days, or even hourly for one day–something that is restricted using a stationary whiteboard.

And if you’re a contractor with multiple locations, you can easily toggle between the locations in the scheduler. Think of it as cleaning up your whiteboard, and using roofing scheduling software to view the same information in a more organized and easy-to-manage way.

2. Order Manager

The Order Manager in AccuLynx lets you see all of your material orders and suppliers in one place and makes it easy to sort, filter, and search for what you need. You can filter your orders by trade, age of the job, delivery dates, and more. You can even search for orders with the same crew, job number, or zip code.

Within the Order Manager, you can view order details, change statuses, reassign labor, set order dates and fulfill orders. You can also take bulk actions on multiple orders at once.

Material and labor order details are displayed as “order cards,” which give an overview of the order as well as the order status, such as “waiting to order,” “ordered,” or “delivered.” AccuLynx also lets you know how many orders are currently in each status.

This tool is great for staff who are regularly scheduling, updating, and tracking orders.

Using the Mobile Crew App.

3. Mobile Crew App

With a whiteboard-only operation for your scheduling, you may not be up-to-date on your individual crews’ availability, and scheduling can be a challenge. AccuLynx roofing scheduling software makes it easier than ever to manage your crews through our mobile Crew App.

The mobile Crew App is the fastest way to schedule roofing crews because you always know which crews are available and able to provide the work requested. Crews are notified immediately of all the details when you send a job request and can accept or reject a job. Through the app, you can know in real-time where crews are working, what projects they are working on, and their future availability.

Staying connected and collaborating is made easy because the mobile Crew App lets you:

  • Communicate in Spanish and English. The Crew App includes translation features so crews can view messages in Spanish and Spanish messages can be translated back to English.
  • View job assignments, work orders, and checklists. Crews can see every job they are scheduled for, so there’s never a question about where they have to be and when. You can also assign custom or standard checklists for every job, and receive real-time updates when a task is completed, helping you keep tabs on progress without having to be there in person.
  • Share photos. Crews can take photos and upload them to the AccuLynx job file so you can see how the job is progressing.
  • Check-in and out of the job site. You’ll always know when your crews arrive and leave the job site with GPS coordinates.

4. Production Status Report

The Production Status Report is part of the reporting tools in AccuLynx that makes it easy to understand your data. It provides a high-level view of all the approved work orders, which jobs have been completed, and job totals.

The Production Status Report puts all of your work orders in one place so you can sort the data and utilize it the way you want. It will save you time not having to sift through a pile of files to find the orders you are looking for, and lets you easily identify any issues that need attention.

If you’re an owner and want to see generally what you have spent on material and labor, as well as what is predicted, this report can give you a full picture for the next 30 days.

Pro Tip: You can view the PO number related to each order. If you click the PO number it will take you to the work order page within that job, or if you click the job name, it will take you to the overview page of that project.

Using reports like this one in AccuLynx lets you see all of your past results and job information in one place, rather than a whiteboard which only shows you the current moment in time. AccuLynx’s reporting tools can streamline your production and give you a clearer picture of performance.

Roof Scheduling software.

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Ditch the whiteboard and see how AccuLynx roofing software can help you better manage your production and take your business to the next level. See a demo today!

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