5 Roofing Sales Strategies To Help You Win the Job

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Between costs, construction time, and dealing with insurance companies, getting a roof repaired or replaced can be overwhelming and daunting for many homeowners. Providing homeowners with more information right from the start can help your roofing company create a less stressful experience for your customers, and ultimately, close more deals.

Here are 5 roofing sales strategies to help homeowners feel at ease and win the job:

1. Be the expert

A sales representative needs to demonstrate a high level of knowledge about the roofing process and concisely answer any questions the homeowner might have. A well-informed representative gives homeowners confidence in your company. Providing up-front, transparent communication builds trust and increases the likelihood they will choose to work with you. Sales representatives can walk homeowners through everything from the benefits of high-quality materials to the ways that storms can damage roofs, helping customers feel like they have all the information they need to make the right decision.

One area where many homeowners need guidance is the insurance claims process, particularly if this is their first time replacing a roof. Properly explaining the difference between insurance and retail claims is an important step in the sales process. While insurance will usually cover storm and accident-related damages, they might not pay to replace a roof with normal wear and tear. An important part of your roofing sales strategy is being able to advise on both insurance and retail jobs. This can help move the job forward by showing you are a trustworthy contractor.

Being an expert at what you are selling.

2. Use professional documentation

Nothing is more unsettling to a homeowner than a contractor who is all over the place. Proper documentation, such as contracts, photos, estimates, permits, and more, is essential for great customer service. Documents should be organized and easily accessible, and should reflect your company’s brand identity. The ability to easily produce these documents will not only show that the contractor is thorough, but also that your roofing business is responsible and professional. This can be a very big factor in a homeowner’s decision to purchase a new roof. If they don’t believe the contractor is equipped enough to handle the job, they may look at a competitor who does offer that sense of stability.

In AccuLynx, there are many professional, customizable templates that you can use to create consistently branded documents. We even created 5 free downloadable templates that you can easily adopt into your roofing sales strategy.

3. Give homeowners options

Every homeowner has different circumstances and budgets, which is why it is key to have different options to support those situations. Providing different levels of services with different pricing can help with costs, while also supplying a quality roof. For example, if the area doesn’t experience many strong storms, a sturdier roof may not be necessary and could waste time and money. However, the opposite is also true. If the house is on the coast一where hurricanes and frequent weather may cause more damage一a higher quality roof with a heftier warranty may be exactly what the homeowner is looking for. Flexibility and a wide array of services will help the customer find precisely what they want and need.

If the homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover a new roof, the homeowner will need to pay the entire cost. This can be very expensive for a homeowner to pay upfront. When you offer financing options, the cost can be split into a pay-per-month system. This allows homeowners on a tighter budget to spread the expense out over a longer period of time. This makes it much more manageable, even if the homeowner pays more due to interest. Acculynx’s AccuFi is a program that is specifically designed to help with your roofing sales strategy by providing multiple competitive loan options right from your job estimate at no extra cost for you.

4. Offer ongoing support & communication

Throughout the entire roofing process, it’s important to stay in contact with the homeowner and update them with progress photos and relevant information. Good communication will help prevent any misunderstandings and ensure that the service is to the customer’s satisfaction. Setting aside time to ask questions or review important documents will help customers feel more secure. In our fast-paced society, it’s not always possible to schedule an in-person meeting. Providing other ways to stay in touch will enable you to answer a quick question without scheduling an appointment.

Acculynx’s Customer Portal website helps customers to stay in touch during the entire roofing process. It provides a centralized location where they can look at project details, review financial information and estimates, make payments, and ask questions. As soon as the contractor updates it, information is accessible from anywhere, providing fast communication and feedback.

Following up with a client is a great roofing sales strategy.

5. Make follow-up a priority

A great way to create good customer relationships and increase referrals is by following up. Making sure everything on the job site is cleaned up, the roof is performing as expected, and the customer is satisfied is a fantastic way to retain customers. If they see that the contractor cares and has done a quality job, they are more likely to return in the future, as well as tell friends and family about your business.

Following up also provides the opportunity to get feedback on the work done. This can help improve processes so you can continue to provide the best possible customer service. You can also request that customers leave you a review on Yelp or another review site. All it takes is a quick email, which is a simple action for the reward it brings. To make follow-up even easier, you can set up automatic follow-up emails through the AccuLynx Automation Manager, so you will never forget to reach out to a homeowner once a job is complete.

How Acculynx can support this process

The roofing sales process can be challenging. AccuLynx can help your roofing business streamline the sales process and provide excellent customer service. Our all-in-one, user-friendly application brings together every aspect of your roofing business to make it easier to win customers over.

See how Acculynx can help you by scheduling a demo today.

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