Using AccuLynx to Manage Your Commissions Structure


One of the biggest draws for motivated sales reps in the Contracting Industry comes from the potential to make serious money, and fast. The common pay incentives can excite salespeople to really push themselves, knowing that a six figure paycheck is not out of reach, especially during high volume production seasons.

While every roofing company sets their payment commissions differently, the most common criteria to calculate commissions off of is either as a percentage of the contract amount, or as a percentage of the job’s profitability.  

Using this industry standard, AccuLynx allows your bookkeeping or accounting teams to set up your company commissions through individual Job Files, while helping you calculate the job’s profit through the information shared via our Quickbooks Integration.

By taking the time to understand how your company’s commission structure operates and incorporating that structure within AccuLynx, you ensure there are no mistakes when it comes to paying your employees what they have earned, as well as understanding the full financial picture of every job you contract.

Two Ways AccuLynx Handles Commissions

Pre-Commissions: Many companies have a system in place to keep cash in their sales reps’ pockets by giving them a smaller commission when they turn the job in. This is typically calculated as a draw against their future anticipated commission when the job closes out.  

Commissions Calculator: You can also use AccuLynx to customize your commissions rules to account for different payment plans, or if you have different members of your team whose compensation plan is tied to overall job performance. These Management Overrides come in handy, especially when you’re paying commissions to individuals who aren’t selling, but rather acting as General Manager or Project Manager on the performance of the jobs they supervise.

Benefits to Adding a Commission Structure

Sales Know What They’re Being Paid

If you have a specific company commission structure, this can be difficult to understand or manage, especially during high volume production seasons when you might bring on seasonal sales teams. By creating Commissions in AccuLynx, your Sales Reps can see what they’re earning on a per job basis, as well as the ability to go back through all of their accounts and see historically what they have made year over year. This can motivate sales teams even more, as AccuLynx handles the work of compiling that data for them to find.

Commissions Fill Out the Story of a Job

Since commissions are created within each Job Files, management and accounting can see a better overall picture of where and how money was paid out. Commissions payouts can also allow owners to lower their minimum overhead when it comes to cash flow.

To request more information on setting up your QuickBooks Tags for Commissions, contact the AccuLynx Help Desk at or call (608) 473-3800

We’re the Roofing industry’s #1 software. AccuLynx is designed to help contractors see their business more clearly and communicate better — there’s nothing to download or install — you just log in and get to work.

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