Quickbooks & AccuLynx Integration: Benefits & Best Practices

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Integrating the accounting power of QuickBooks with the project management tools provided by AccuLynx helps you accurately keep track of your job costs and open balances down to the penny.

Every business relies on the accuracy of accounting to manage the flow of income and expenses that help define the profitability and success of an exterior contracting company. Knowing where your money is, and how much is owed at a glance is a powerful tool for business owners, managers and sales reps.

Benefits to Using the AccuLynx QuickBooks Integration:

1. Eliminates Double Data Entry

If your business is already using Quickbooks, your accounting staff is most likely using that software to manage the day to day entry of contacts and the processing of bills and invoices. By enabling the AccuLynx Integration, we eliminate the need for your team members to do double entry in both places – all of the data your team needs is now automatically synced to your Quickbooks account and AccuLynx will display job finances in each Job File.

The integration does not affect your accounting team or their processes – they continue to work in Quickbooks like always, but now, AccuLynx will handle entering of customer data and invoices for you!

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For example, when a sale is made in AccuLynx, the integration pushes the customer’s information to Quickbooks automatically – accounting sees that the sale has been made and can start processing payments without having to find the Job File, or receive notification from the Sales Rep. If something changes – such as the addition of a phone number or email – that information is duplicated in both places so everyone always has the most current details.

2. Reduces Human Error

Busy people can make mistakes – distracted by a phone call, or having trouble reading your sales rep’s horrible handwriting is no longer an issue when contact information is handled electronically by both systems.

3. See the Big Picture

The integration also allows for the sharing and display of the financial progress on a job-by-job basis, or from an overall perspective, letting you see the real-time profitability of your business directly in AccuLynx.

This can be extremely beneficial as your sales or GM’s manage the progress of a job. Having the ability to see real-time job profitability, view order costs and processed invoices comprehensively in the job file allows your teams to stay on task, and know where a project stands at any given moment without having to confer or make requests from the office staff.

Know Where Your Money Is — How AccuLynx Helps You Manage Your Finances

4. Manage Contract Amounts and Item Codes

When AccuLynx sends Quickbooks a contract, that amount can be itemized into detailed amounts based on how your accounting department operates. You can determine if you want to break out numbers in categories as simple as “roof” and “gutters” or get into specifics such as “GAF asphalt shingles” – it’s up to you and your team.

What Does the Integration NOT Do?

1. Access Other Business Finances

AccuLynx and Quickbooks are still two separate programs. AccuLynx will only have access to financial information of the specific jobs that it shares with Quickbooks. Salaries, business expenses, and other financial information not related to a job is not used by AccuLynx at all.

acculynx quickbooks integration

2. All Access Permission

Sales Reps are only able to see progress on their assigned Jobs, and the company administrators can further restrict their visibility using AccuLynx’s permission settings.  For instance, maybe you don’t want your sales reps to be able to see job profitability, but you DO want them to see the balance due on a job. AccuLynx can do that!

3. Charge By Location

Whether your company operates out of one office, or many across the country, your account is only billed once to enable the Quickbooks Integration.

QuickBooks & AccuLynx Best Practices:

Best Practice #1: Online Versus Desktop

The online version of Quickbooks automatically syncs with the AccuLynx Integration, and updates constantly in real-time. For users who have the Desktop Version, it’s important to know that Intuit Quickbooks does not allow for external integrations with their Mac-based version. If you have to have your bookkeeping department on a Mac, we recommend using a Windows emulator, or installing the PC version on a local server.

Best Practice #2: Setting Up Your Desktop Sync

AccuLynx and Quickbooks Desktop share data via an application called the “web connector”, which can be set to run automatically. While you can set this to run as frequently (or not) as you like, we recommend not setting it any less than 10 minutes.

Best Practice #3: Multiple Locations & Quickbooks Classes

If your company operates out of multiple locations, you might consider setting up Quickbooks Classes – these codes can itemize your invoices with a customized category, such as “residential”, “commercial”, or even for different cities or states, if needed. You have the option to have all of your locations feed into a single Quickbooks account or to separate ones, depending on how your company operates.

AccuLynx is the Roofing & Exterior Contracting industries #1 software. AccuLynx is designed to help contractors see their business more clearly and communicate better — there’s nothing to download or install — you just log in and get to work.

See a customized demo of AccuLynx today.

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