How AccuLynx Can Help You Grow from a Single to Multi-Location Roofing Business

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Having the right tools to help run your business can improve your team’s operations and be a catalyst for greater growth, especially if your goal is to expand the scope of your business.

AccuLynx gives roofing business owners all the tools to help grow their roofing business. By providing better ways to communicate, standardize sales processes, and streamline reporting, your team can focus more on the bigger picture instead of on day-to-day operations. This way, you can add new departments, increase the number of trades you provide, or even open new locations in other cities or states.

Here are four ways AccuLynx can help you learn how to grow a roofing business:

1. Improves communication across departments

Communication is essential, especially across departments. Without consistent communication, important information can easily get lost and steps missed. A standard way for all your teams to communicate with each other can help keep jobs running smoothly and ensure issues are quickly resolved. A convenient way to communicate, such as texting or the AccuLynx Crew App, can also help your team limit the need to travel to and from a job site to receive updates.

For AccuLynx users, all communication is saved in one central location — the job file. Whether your office is communicating with the crew or homeowner, all correspondence is saved so that no matter what happens, you will have an easily accessible record of what was talked about and when.

One way to communicate more efficiently with your teams and customers is through texting. With the two-way texting features in AccuLynx, users can text their teams or homeowners right from AccuLynx and are notified in their account when there is a reply. This is helpful when you want to send a reminder to your homeowner, have a quick question for your crew, or need updates from the job site.

Picture shows someone making a sale and learning how to grow a roofing business.

2. Standardizes your sales process

Focusing on your sales team’s strategy is key when looking at how to grow a roofing business. By providing your sales team with a set selling process and giving them access to the tools they need, they can start selling more jobs and growing their profit margins.

Here are some tools in AccuLynx your sales team can use to help grow your roofing business:

  • Automations – After the initial meeting, make sure your sales teams know to follow up with the homeowner. Suppose your sales team sets an appointment for an assessment or another meeting. In that case, they can set up automations in AccuLynx to send out reminders and appointment confirmations to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Aerial measurements & material supplier integrations – With access to quickly request aerial measurements or real-time pricing through AccuLynx’s integrations, you can compile estimates quickly and accurately.
  • AccuPay & AccuFi – Roofing jobs are expensive, and by giving your customers options on how they pay and an easy way to apply for financing, your sales team can close more deals. Through AccuLynx AccuPay, your sales team can accept payment through credit card, debit card, and e-check online, in-person, or over the phone. Futher, AccuFi allows your team to provide a way for your customers to apply for financing right from the job estimate without affecting their credit scores.

3. Keeps track of business performance with reporting

Reporting is crucial to help you track what is happening in your business and help identify areas where you can improve. AccuLynx has many reports that you can easily use to monitor KPIs and stay on top of growth trends in your business. As your business grows, two essential reports that can help your business grow are the Closing Percentage Report and the Job Profitability Report.

The Closing Percentage Report shows the percentages of leads sold, broken down by sales representatives. By knowing this data, you can identify who on your team is selling more deals so you can have them focus on closing some of the more significant, more profitable leads that come through. Not only that, by identifying some of the less successful sales reps, you can set them up with a mentor who could help fine-tune their sales process.

Another report that will help grow your business is the Job Profitability Report, which compares your estimated profit with your actual profit for each job. With this report, you can understand your profitability by salesperson and location, so you can see where there are gaps in your projections and identity where you can improve your profit margins.

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4. Gives Your Teams More Autonomy

As your business grows, software is essential to keep your business running smoothly and providing visibility — especially if you are (or growing to be) a multi-location company.

AccuLynx has specific settings designed so that multi-location businesses can run all their locations on one account successfully. You can maneuver between your different locations seamlessly with the multi-location settings accessible right from the AccuLynx dashboard and even create a shared production calendar to keep track of everything happening all in one centralized location. Not only that, you can set up the Workflow Manager for it to run different workflows for different trades, in the case that maybe one of your locations focuses on gutters and another focuses on residential roofing.

How to grow a roofing business with AccuLynx

AccuLynx is the number one CRM system for roofers and has helped many roofers improve their processes and grow their businesses. For example, Stay Dry Roofing improved its performance and increased its revenue in just one year after implementing AccuLynx. When asked about how AccuLynx has helped their company, Company President Josh Lyon said, “Last year we did about $7 million between residential and commercial, and this year we’re on track to do $15 million. We have been able to increase our sales team. We are pushing forward and growing.”

By incorporating the strategies above, your business can also see greater growth. Check out a custom demo today to see AccuLynx in action.

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