Track Your Business Performance More Effectively During Busy Season with Automated Reporting for Roofers

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Reporting and tracking your data might not be top-of-mind during busy season. However, keeping tabs on your business’s performance is beneficial all throughout the year. Without the right tools at your disposal, the process can be burdensome and time-consuming. With the ReportsPlus feature in AccuLynx, you can automate your reporting process so that no matter how busy you get, you will always have your finger on the pulse of your business and how it is performing. Here’s how you can stay on top of your roofing reports without adding more work to your busy schedule with automated reporting for roofers.

Using automated reporting for roofers to save time and money.

Identify the right KPIs to track during busy season

KPIs (key performance indicators) provide insight into different aspects of your business and how they are performing. By continuously tracking your business’s performance, you can identify problem areas quickly and make adjustments in your sales process more effectively.

But with so many possible KPIs to track, you might be lost as to where to start. These AccuLynx reports highlight essential data points to help your business thrive during busy season:

  • Time in Process — The Time in Process report shows you how long a job takes to move through the pipeline and helps you identify bottleneck areas that are slowing down the process and need to be improved.
  • Closing Percentage — Knowing the percentage of deals closed can help you understand how your sales team is operating. The Closing Percentage Report is broken down by each sales representative, allowing you to pinpoint which members of your team are excelling and who may be struggling.
  • Dead Leads — The Dead Leads Report allows you to see patterns in leads and reasons they were marked as dead. This helps you optimize your sales approach by identifying why some leads were lost.
  • Materials Report — With material prices increasing, understanding your ordering habits and overall spending can help you plan for future projects. The Materials Report lays out all the different products you’ve ordered by supplier, providing details of material usage and cost. With this information, you can negotiate bulk pricing from suppliers you frequently order from and ensure your estimates accurately reflect the cost of your materials.
  • Job Profitability Report — Making sure you are hitting your profit margins is especially important during a time of high inflation. By consistently tracking your profitability and comparing your estimated profits to your actual profits, you’ll create more accurate projections.

All these reports come pre-built in AccuLynx, so you don’t have to spend time setting them up—you can start tracking essential KPIs right away.

Set up dashboards to track your KPIs in real-time

It can be difficult to find the reporting information you’re looking for, especially when work is hectic during busier months. With ReportsPlus in AccuLynx, you can set up dashboards to monitor your business data in real-time, saving you hours on keeping track of KPIs.

These dashboards are completely customizable, so you can decide which reports you want up front and structure the dashboard in the way that works best for your business. This allows you to easily monitor your KPIs and spot trends or areas that may need attention.

Automate your reports

ReportsPlus in AccuLynx has a unique feature that allows you to automatically send reports out to yourself or to team members via email. You can schedule a date and time to send a single report, or set a recurring schedule to keep team members continuously updated. This allows you to communicate with your team in an organized and efficient way, making sure all members have the same project information. It also makes it easy to keep track of KPIs even when you don’t have time to look at your dashboards.

AccuLynx reports can help your business by simplifying how you track and analyze your data. AccuLynx ReportPlus automatically puts a variety of reports at your fingertips to help you understand the health of your business. Schedule a demo to see how Acculynx can help you customize your reports.

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