Maximizing Sales for Your Insurance Restoration Business with AccuLynx

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During times of high production, an insurance restoration business  may rely on the speed and efficiency of sales teams and crews in order to service as many homeowners as possible, while still providing quality workmanship. The pressure to keep up with high demand during certain seasons can be stressful from owners and project managers encouraging teams to work as fast as possible in order to cut costs and move on to the next home, but restoration company software can help. 

There’s no denying that the longer a job takes, the more overhead expenses it can incur for a roofing business. In order to maximize your sales, without sacrificing the quality of your work, AccuLynx restoration company software has a few tips on how to increase job speed and efficiency.

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4 Tips for Maximizing Your Insurance Restoration Business with Restoration Company Software

Keep Your Teams Organized

Managing all the paperwork for any job can be a challenge, but during times of high production, keeping all of your files organized can be even more difficult. Rifling through papers on your desk or frantically searching the office for important documents is no longer an issue when your information is organized into your job file from the start.  AccuLynx roofing software stores all of your individual job files in the cloud, giving approved team members access to estimates, material orders, insurance forms and photos from anywhere. The organization built into AccuLynx eliminates the need to spend time calling or emailing the office, which saves your project managers precious time on the job site.

Create Custom, Dynamic Electronic Templates with SmartDocs

During the estimate process, your sales teams spend wasted time filling out names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance information over and over across several files for any given job. The ability to use custom created document templates means your sales reps only fill out the information once; SmartDocs populates the same information across all documentation in a Job File for them, saving time both during the sales process and for the office teams.

Insurance Restoration Business

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Once created, teams immediately have access to all the documentation, and don’t need to spend valuable time reading, saving, or scanning the same forms; everything is automatically saved, which can also reducing the risk of loss or damage by busy field reps.

Using Electronic Signatures

Using the eSign feature in SmartDocs can also dramatically increase efficiency and save time. Your sales reps no longer need to set follow-up meetings or calls to get a document signed – instead they can simply email the document for the client to sign electronically, or even have them sign onto the digital document in the field using a tablet or smartphone. When a document is signed, your office staff will be notified, and they can start processing material orders, scheduling crews, and generating invoices immediately, which expedites the process, allowing your company to book more business with the help of your restoration company software.

Placing More Accurate Material Orders

Buying commonly used materials in bulk can save you cost and time. Materials that are used in all of your jobs, like nails, flashing, and underlayment, are often cheaper to buy in bulk, saving you money in the long run. Not only is it cheaper to buy materials this way, but it can also save time. When you have an extra stockpile of materials, you don’t have to wait for your supplies to arrive and can start your job right away.

Often, when your crew runs out out of a material their work stops while new supplies are ordered. Having excess materials means your crew will not run into this problem and save you that extra bit of time.

Insurance Restoration Business

Providing Clear and Reasonable Expectations

Setting clear, and reasonable expectations for your teams will go a long way to improve your company’s efficiency. Have your project managers establish a process or checklist with your crews, and make sure they understand the expectations your business has for every roof. When dedicated supervisors can verify work quality along the way through an established process, less mistakes are made, less time and money are wasted correcting those mistakes, and a job is finished quickly, on schedule, and on budget.

It’s important to remember that when a disaster strikes, homeowners look to professionals to help them, and dealing with insurance can be frustrating. As an insurance restoration specialist, your knowledge and expertise, along with efficiency can expedite the process, creating happy customers and more profit for your roofing business. Restoration company software can help you stay organized and provide a better customer experience.

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