AccuLynx and CompanyCam connection

Save time and stay organized by connecting your CompanyCam account with AccuLynx. This seamless connection automatically syncs your projects, photos, videos, and documents.

AccuLynx integrates with CompanyCam

About AccuLynx’s connection with CompanyCam

AccuLynx’s connection with CompanyCam, an industry-leading camera and photo documentation app for contractors, brings your CompanyCam files into AccuLynx automatically. With this integration, you don’t need to manually upload photos to AccuLynx or switch between apps to access the information you need. Everything is right at your fingertips!

There’s no coding required to set up this time-saving connection, which is available to AccuLynx customers through the AppConnections add-on. With just a few clicks, you can enable it and start syncing CompanyCam projects with AccuLynx job records.

How the connection works


Automatic project creation: Jobs or leads assigned in AccuLynx automatically create projects in CompanyCam.

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Live updates: Job milestones in AccuLynx update immediately in CompanyCam.


Real-time sync: Photos, videos, tags, and documents from CompanyCam instantly transfer into the AccuLynx job file.

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Save time

Eliminate manual uploads. Automatically transfer CompanyCam files into AccuLynx.

Simplify workflows

Access all of your project files in AccuLynx instead of having to switch between apps.

Centralize data

Simplify photo management with AccuLynx as your single source of truth.

Frequently asked questions

You must enable the AppConnections add-on in order to connect CompanyCam to your AccuLynx account. To enable AppConnections:

  1. Log in to your AccuLynx account.
  2. From the main menu, select the Market dropdown, and click “Add-Ons.”
  3. Select “AppConnections by AccuLynx” and click “enable.”

Once AppConnections has been turned on, select the CompanyCam connection, and click “Get Connected.” You will be prompted to authorize the connection by entering your CompanyCam login credentials. Once your account has been authorized, that’s it–no coding is required.

Photos and documents will appear in your AccuLynx job file within a few seconds after they are uploaded to your CompanyCam account. This ensures that your AccuLynx job file is always the source of truth.

Once you have connected to CompanyCam through AppConnections, you will be prompted to create CompanyCam projects for your existing AccuLynx jobs. This will ensure that you can get the benefits of the CompanyCam connection right away.

Want to see how AccuLynx’s connection with CompanyCam works?

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