How to Get Roofing Leads on Facebook

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Generating more leads is a top priority for roofing businesses. Even if you have a robust pipeline full of leads, any roofing business looking to expand and grow will have to increase lead numbers and find creative ways to attract potential customers.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, are often overlooked by contractors when it comes to lead generation. But using Facebook to find new leads can help you connect with potential customers on their terms and reach a segment of leads that might not otherwise hear about your business. Here’s how to get roofing leads using Facebook—and how to make sure those leads don’t fall through the cracks once you’ve found them.

4 Ways to Get Roofing Leads Using Facebook

Facebook Roofing Lead Tip #1: Use paid Facebook ads

One great feature available to businesses on Facebook is the ability to create ads. When you build a Facebook ad, you not only select the size, frequency, and other typical ad characteristics, you also select the audience that will see your ad. Because Facebook users share so much data about themselves on the platform, it’s possible to target your ad very precisely and select an audience from a variety of demographics.

Create a Facebook ad for your business that links back to your website, includes a phone number to call, or includes a contact form that Facebook users can directly fill out. Then select the target audience that reflects the area and demographics you serve. For instance, you can include users in the location where your roofing business operates, but exclude users under 25, to create an audience that most closely matches the customers you currently have. This will ensure that your ads are seen by the people who are most likely to need a roof replacement or repair.

how to get roofing leads on facebook

Facebook Roofing Lead Tip #2: Highlight “before” and “after” photos

Facebook is a great place to share images of your business to help establish a reputation as a helpful, service-oriented roofing company. In particular, showcasing real work you have done for other customers will give potential customers a better understanding of the services you offer and keep your business top of mind when they need similar work done.

Since your business is already taking many photos to document your roofing jobs, it’s easy to find material for these posts without creating extra work for yourself. Include text in your posts that describes the issue your customer was experiencing, the specific solutions your roofing business implemented, and the improvements that resulted. (Of course, be sure to ask your customer’s permission before posting about their home.) By highlighting the work you did with photos and a story, you can provide a compelling reason why homeowners should use your business and attract more potential customers.

Facebook Roofing Lead Tip #3: Share relevant content

Photos aren’t the only things you can share on Facebook. When you come across a relevant article that helps make a strong case for roof replacement or repair, sharing it with your Facebook followers can get them thinking about when they might need your services. For instance, an article about subtle types of storm damage to a roof might encourage homeowners to reach out and request a roof inspection. You can also share content from your own website, such as a customer story or a blog post.

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In addition to helping potential customers understand why and when they need a roofing company, sharing relevant content from roofing associations, news outlets, and other third-party sources will help to position your company as a knowledgeable and experienced business. Homeowners aren’t just looking for a roofing company that will get the job done—they want a trusted expert. The types of content you share on your Facebook page, as well as the posts you make, can help you stand out from your competitors and boost your reputation.

Facebook Roofing Lead Tip #4: Promote an offer

Sometimes it takes a little extra incentive to turn followers into leads. If you have lots of Facebook followers who aren’t yet customers, capitalize on their interest in your roofing company by running a promotion or special offer. This could take the form of a discount, an add-on, a free consultation, or any other promotion that your company has used in the past.

Giving homeowners an extra incentive for working with your roofing business can push them to make a decision and net you qualified leads who will be more likely to close a deal. In addition, running a promotion using Facebook gives current customers the option to share the post with their networks, expanding your reach and helping you broaden your pool of potential leads.

how to get roofing leads on facebook

How to Keep Your New Roofing Leads From Falling Through the Cracks

Getting more leads is only half the battle. Timely, professional, and consistent follow-up is key to making sure that you hang on to your leads and turn them into customers. Without this follow-up, you run the risk of these leads going cold or choosing a competitor instead.

In order to make sure your roofing business stays on top of lead follow-up, it’s important to keep your leads organized. A business management software system like AccuLynx stores your leads in the cloud, so you always have access to them no matter where you are. You can create individual files for each lead with all the relevant information to make follow-up easier, and assign priorities to your leads so that the most urgent ones are followed up with first.

In addition, AccuLynx enables you to automate your follow-up messages so that no leads slip through the cracks. In our Automation Manager, you can create a follow-up text message or email that will be sent automatically whenever a new lead is added to the system. If you have a high lead volume and are concerned about missing a follow-up, using the Automation Manager will give you peace of mind. You’ll be guaranteed to follow up with all your leads in a timely manner, without adding extra work to your plate.

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Getting Roofing Leads on Facebook Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Tapping into Facebook as a source of roofing leads can help you fill your pipeline and keep your business on the path to greater growth. With paid Facebook ads, compelling content, and the incentive of a promotion or offer, your roofing business can reach a broader audience and find potential customers who are interested in your services. And once you’ve found these leads, using a business management software like AccuLynx can help you follow up with them before your competitors do.

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