How to Assign the Right Roofing Sales Reps to Jobs

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In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever to assign the right roofing sales reps to your jobs. But how do you identify the right people?

Whether it’s knowing your top performing roofing sales leader, who’s working closest to the lead, or which rep closes certain jobs more, AccuLynx can help you improve your roofing sales process.

AccuLynx roofing software helps you know which leads you should be going after, and ultimately have a plan to assign your salespeople to the jobs that will make your company the most money.

Understand your lead quality with AI

Roofing sales reps can’t be effective if they’re not clear on who they’re going after, especially if they don’t have any idea whether homeowners are qualified or not.

Tools like AI can help identify the best leads so salespeople focus on the ones that are most likely to close, resulting in more money for your roofing business.

AccuLynx created Lead Intelligence, an AI tool that helps roofing contractors take the guesswork out of their lead qualification process. Lead Intelligence uses a number of data points to visually assign contacts a lead score, indicating their likelihood to convert. By identifying the most qualified prospects, you can understand where to assign your top performing salespeople.

AccuLynx customers who take advantage of Lead Intelligence see much higher close rates. In fact, roofing contractors that use it actively close an average of $5,000 more each month—and see between $50,000-$55,000 annually in additional revenue.

Send the right roofing sales rep to close the sale

Now that you know where your most qualified leads are, it’s time to start assigning roofing sales reps. AccuLynx provides you with three easy ways to get the right person on the job.

Assign – This option is a quick way to assign a sales rep to a lead. By clicking on the lead, you’ll be able to select from a dropdown menu with all of your sales reps.

Smart Assign – Clicking this option allows you to make more informed decisions on which sales rep you assign to a lead. You’ll be able to see a list of all your sales reps listed by which have jobs in locations near the new lead, their close rate YTD, and their sales for the last 30 and 90 days.

Map Assign – Selecting this lets you see all your leads on a map and what other leads you have in the area. This view also lets you see different milestones near the lead you selected (lead, prospect, active job, closed). This is a great option if you’re looking for a faster turnaround to get a rep out there right away.

With all three options, AccuLynx will automatically alert the salesperson that they have been assigned a lead so nothing ever falls through the cracks letting them make contact right away, and sell the job.

AccuLynx’s reporting tools lets you have real-time access to all this data so you know exactly where your salespeople stand at any given moment.

See closing percentages and profit margins by sales rep

In order to sell more profitable jobs, you need to know how your roofing sales reps are performing before you send them to leads. Lead Intelligence helps you understand which leads to prioritize, but you also need to effectively report on all of your sales data to know where team members stand.

Running reports allows you to see which roofing sales reps are performing well and which ones need a little more support.

AccuLynx offers 28+ customizable reports so you can pull the data you need, including the closing percentage and job profitability reports. The closing percentage report shows you the percentage of your roofing leads sold broken down by each individual sales rep. If you have certain percentages you’d like your sales reps to hit, you can see that data in real time as well.

Similarly, the job profitability report lets you take that information to the next level. With this report, you can see the profits sorted by salesperson so you can further evaluate the performance of your sales team, and know the best rep to assign to a job. For example, you can compare the average profit forecast percentage to the average profit percentage for each sales rep to know who is selling the most profitable jobs.

Effective reporting enables you to track your performance, monitor your sales team, and make data-driven decisions that keep your business on the right path. Between the reporting tools and other features in AccuLynx, you can be confident that you are sending the right sales rep to close the sale.

If you’re interested in learning how AccuLynx can help you always assign the right sales rep to a lead and sell more jobs, schedule a demo today.

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