5 New Ways to Use AccuLynx Photos

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AccuLynx has packed a ton of features into the photo and video section of your job files. Before you think this is just a place to store your pictures, let us show you our Top 5 Favorite Features.

5 New Ways to Use AccuLynx Photos

1. PHOTO TAGS – When you upload your photos and videos, you can apply tags to your files to help other members of your team find and identify them later on. Applying multiple tags to your pictures can help other users understand what the photos are showing, or when it was taken. For instance, your company may use FRONT, LEFT, REAR, and RIGHT, or BEFORE and AFTER, but since these tags can be created by your company admin, you can set them up to best suit your company’s processes. Once tags have been applied, anyone can then filter the photos shown by selecting one or more of the filters on the left.  



2. PRINTING / DOWNLOADING – We know that there are many times where you may want to print or download photos for your proposal, or even to give to someone else. Did you know what you can select multiple photos either by clicking on them by dragging your cursor across multiple ones? Once you have selected at least one, click the ACTIONS menu, and select from a host of options, such as downloading them to a .zip file, or printing them out.  


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3. PHOTO EDITINGHave you ever needed to show someone the EXACT place on a property that needs attention? With our Photo Editor, you can annotate pictures to make sure there is no misunderstanding. Start by clicking on the photo you want to work with. Then, in the upper left corner, click the pencil icon to open the editor. From here, you have a few options:

    1. Use the DRAW option to free-hand some annotations.  
    2. Use the TEXT option to add text to the image.
    3. The STICKER option allows you to choose from some common options we made just for you. 

This tool is a GREAT way to show a crew what they need to do, or to make sure your office knows where a problem area is on the job site. This feature is also available in our mobile app for quick edits in the field.  


4. TAKE MULTIPLE PHOTOS We recently totally overhauled the camera in our mobile app. Now, you can take multiple photos at once and then get right to tagging and uploading them. Rather than taking your photos first, and then remembering to upload them later, just do it all at once through our field app!


5. NO DATA LIMITS Did you know that AccuLynx doesn’t have any kind of storage limits? That’s right! Feel free to take and upload as many photos and videos as you like! You can never have enough documentation! Trust us, your production team will thank you.  

AccuLynx is the most powerful tool for your roofing business. With simple to use software, industry-leading tools and the best customer support, AccuLynx makes it easy to grow faster than your competition. 

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