5 New Ways to Use AccuLynx Photos

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AccuLynx’s photo features can help you improve communication with your team, track progress on your projects, and document your work. And now, we have packed even more photo features into your web version and AccuLynx roofing app. Before you think this is just a place to store your pictures, let us show you our top 5 favorite features.

Roofing team member taking photo of roof with AccuLynx Photos.

1. Organize, and reorder your photos into Job Albums

As your teams take photos, you may notice that certain roofing job pictures are more relevant to specific team members, customers, or vendors. Utilizing AccuLynx photos, you can enhance photo organization and ensure precise information sharing by creating albums.

Albums serve as a central hub for your photos, facilitating targeted sharing with both your team members and external parties. For example, at the start of a project, a team member might visit the site to assess the scope of work and begin taking pre-project photos. During this process, photos serve as valuable resources to provide a visual representation of the roofing job.

By including roofing job photos in a pre-project album that your team takes while on-site, you can offer your customers a clear understanding of the project’s scope. These photos enable customers to visualize the extent of the damage and can help prevent disputes with the property owner.

You can craft albums dedicated to your insurance adjuster, housing images that document storm damage, create a separate album for your crews to upload progress photos, or even compile specific photos for homeowners to access in each job.

2. Edit and tag your photos

Editing and annotating your roofing job photos ensures that the images you take are interpreted correctly in order to avoid misunderstanding. You and your team can point out the exact areas on the roof that need attention. For example, you could draw a circle around an area of damage or include information, such as the pitch and slope numbers.

Tagging AccuLynx photos helps team members know exactly what they are looking at. You can tag individual photos and videos or use the same tag in multiple photos. These tags are searchable and provide a better way to keep your albums organized. You can tag photos to show when a photo was taken, like Before or After. Or, you could label them directionally to provide more context of what the viewer is looking at.

3. Share AccuLynx photos

You can instantly share photos or albums via email or text, facilitating seamless communication with customers and colleagues. Once a project is complete you can expire the link, so access to the folder is no longer allowed. This ensures everyone stays well-informed and enhances overall communication.

Three Phones screens with the AccuLynx Field App.

4. Capture photos on the AccuLynx Field App

Effective photo management is essential when working in the field. With the enhanced photo tools available in the Field App, you can do everything you can do on your desktop right from your fingertips like:

  • Capture, annotate, and store an unlimited number of job photos.
  • Organize your photos using albums.
  • Easily filter and search through your photo collection.
  • Share photos or albums instantly via email or text.

Photos taken in the roofing app seamlessly synchronize with your AccuLynx account, providing real-time access to other users. This ensures you have the up-to-date visibility needed to manage your business.

You can download the new Field App for iOS or Android.

5. Say goodbye to data limits

Did you know that AccuLynx photos don’t have any kind of storage limits? Feel free to take and upload as many photos and videos as you like; you can never have enough documentation! Trust us, your production team will thank you.

AccuLynx on three devices.

Start using AccuLynx photos today

AccuLynx is the most powerful tool for your roofing business. AccuLynx makes it easy to grow faster than your competition with simple-to-use software, industry-leading tools, and the best customer support. Schedule a demo with AccuLynx today.

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