How to Save Money Without Sacrificing Job Quality

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Prices are rising in many industries, and roofing companies are not immune to high costs affecting jobs and profit margins. However, there are ways to cut roofing costs without reporting to cost-cutting measures that could compromise the quality of your work. Here are six tips on how to cut roofing costs on every job this season while still providing great service:

1. Cut out unnecessary software

Software can help you run your roofing company more smoothly, but if you use multiple programs then the cost of software can quickly add up. Not only that but having multiple systems is inefficient and if the programs don’t integrate well, you can lose data.

Instead, you can cut roofing costs in the long run by investing in an all-in-one software system like AccuLynx. AccuLynx contains everything you need to run your roofing business in a single system to help make your company more efficient. One contractor Joe Boyd, owner of Complete Exteriors, used many different software systems before switching to AccuLynx. Now, he has eliminated many programs and runs his company on one CRM — AccuLynx. You can read his story here.

File cabinet showing how to cut roofing costs by eliminating paper documents

2. Eliminate paper documents

Multiple documents are necessary for each roofing job, including contracts, estimates, material orders, and more. And while you might not think paper documents cost a lot of money, it is estimated that 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on paper documentation. Eliminating paper documents from your process is an easy way to cut roofing costs while also saving time and working more efficiently.

With AccuLynx, you can easily switch from paper to electronic files without an adjustment period. AccuLynx users have access to set templates or can quickly turn commonly used documents into electronic documents to share digitally with homeowners and securely file in their job file. Not only that, another feature of AccuLynx are SmartDocs, which have smart fields that are automatically populated with customer information and have e-signature capabilities, saving you time and resources when filling out information and gathering signatures.

3. Decrease overhead costs while increasing jobs

To save money, it’s important to increase the quality and quantity of jobs your team takes on without adding work for your current employees or hiring additional team members.

AccuLynx provides many options that can help you streamline administrative work so your team can get more done with fewer resources. With automations in AccuLynx, you can set up automated messages, such as appointment reminders and job updates, that are automatically triggered based on actions in AccuLynx.

In addition, just this month, AccuLynx launched our new Customer Portal, which can help streamline many administrative tasks associated with keeping your customer happy. This portal is a comprehensive online system where you can provide your customers with job updates, share documents, collect signatures and payments, respond to customer questions, and so much more.

Picture of roofing singles showing real time pricing that can be used to cut roofing costs. 4. Use real-time pricing to identify alternative products

Unfortunately, material pricing increases and supply chain delays are the new normal. Knowing the most up-to-date information about the materials you need can help you stay on top of these issues and keep them from affecting your profit margins.

AccuLynx integrates with three major material distribution companies: Beacon Building Products, ABC Supply, and SRS Distribution. The integration with these companies provides AccuLynx users with real-time pricing and availability by branch, right from our software platform. This can help your roofing business protect your profit margins by ensuring you’re only ordering materials that are in stock and getting the best price possible for the materials you need. Further, these integrations reduce the time it takes to place orders and include tracking, so you always know the status of your materials.

5. Minimize trips to the job site

Driving to and from job sites is time-consuming and costly, especially with gas prices hitting an all-time high. Limiting unnecessary trips to job sites is a way to reduce your travel expenses and cut roofing costs for every job.

Instead of driving to a job site to take measurements or pick up checks, AccuLynx can help you do these things right from your office. Our integrations with aerial measurement providers Eagleview and GAF QuickMeasure provide a way for you to collect measurements digitally. You can order your aerial measurement reports through AccuLynx, and once the reports are complete, the measurements are saved in the relevant job file. This eliminates the need for someone on your team to drive to a job site and get up on the roof, and aerial measurement technology is 95% accurate.

Another AccuLynx tool to help you reduce job site visits is AccuPay, an online payment processing system which allows you to collect payments from homeowners without meeting up with them in person. It’s a secure system where you can collect credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks right from AccuLynx. Not only does this help eliminate the cost of meeting up with your customer, but you will get paid quicker than if you have to cash checks for every job.

Picture showing how technology can minimize trips to the job site

Cut roofing costs by investing in AccuLynx

AccuLynx is the leading all-in-one roofing CRM that can help you manage your roofing business better. With tools and integrations that are engineered with roofing contractors like you in mind, you can start growing your business in a more efficient way while also saving money.

Learn how AccuLynx can help you cut roofing costs in a custom demo.

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