How Complete Exteriors used AccuLynx to gain real-time visibility into roofing jobs

Before Joe Boyd, owner of Complete Exteriors Roofing and Gutters, turned to AccuLynx, his company was using a combination of spreadsheets and four different software products to manage different aspects of the business. This included a roofing CRM/project management system, a photo app, QuickBooks, and an app for estimates and contracts.

While each software application served its purpose, the company struggled with getting the different systems to work together. According to Boyd, “There was a lot of repeated data entry that cost my team time and created many headaches. Our systems could never sync right, so we would have to input data from spreadsheets into QuickBooks, for example, and then upload it to our CRM.” He continued, “We always encountered issues and ended up losing a lot of data.”

As time went on, the inefficiencies of their processes and lack of customer support from his software providers became increasingly frustrating to Boyd. With multiple software programs that did not work well together, the company lacked the tools and visibility they needed to grow. “When we would set our growth goals each year, I saw a lot of limitations with how we were doing things,” Boyd said.

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Seamless transfer to all-in-one roofing contractor software

After speaking with many other roofing contractors and mentors who used AccuLynx, Boyd decided that he should take a look at it. “I talked to a number of other contractors who had been using AccuLynx for years and didn’t experience the issues I was having. There was a reason for that.”

Following a demonstration, he realized AccuLynx could eliminate many of the issues they were having with their current systems and provide his company with the tools to keep everyone in the loop and make them more efficient.

After comprehensive training with each of his departments, Boyd’s expectations for AccuLynx and what it could do for his business was exceeded.

Joe Boyd, Owner of Complete Exteriors

“With other software providers, I’ve been left out to the wolves. Our previous onboarding experiences had mostly consisted of putting in a support ticket and getting an answer after 24 hours — that doesn’t happen with AccuLynx.”

Joe Boyd| Owner| Complete Exteriors

Immediate results with AccuLynx

By incorporating Acculynx right into their business, Complete Exteriors was able to cut down on the number of software programs they used, reduce manual data entry, streamline many of their processes, and gain greater visibility into their roofing jobs.

Here are three key ways AccuLynx helped Complete Exteriors:

Centralized roofing job files and real-time job status updates

As an owner, Boyd likes to see their production schedule planned out a week or two in advance. Before using AccuLynx, job schedules were mostly tracked on white boards. Now, all job information is stored in AccuLynx’s digital job file with access to all associated documents, communications, and financials in one place. This has made it easier for the company to keep track of everything that is happening with a job.

Effective communication between the office and crews

Access to AccuLynx has also improved the way he and his managers collaborate with crews working at the job site. Each of the company’s crew members have an iPad at the job site and through AccuLynx crews can access important job information and communicate directly with managers through messaging and photos sharing features.

“If something comes up at the job site, my crews can tag the relevant person and get feedback quickly,” Boyd said. “Plus, we can always go back to the job file and reference the information. With AccuLynx, important information never gets lost.”

In addition, field supervisors use AccuLynx to create job-specific checklists, which are updated in real time, to ensure all aspects of the job are completed. According to Boyd, “These features have saved us a lot of time and customer callbacks.”

Enhanced insight into job performance

AccuLynx has given Complete Exteriors an easy way to access sales data, which has in turn helped them increase sales. Now, Boyd can easily look into each salesperson’s job profit and their close ratio to help make better decisions on who specific leads should go to. “If we get a lead on a big project, instead of just handing it off to any sales person, we can see who has the highest close ratio and profit margin,” Boyd said.

Easier, more cost-efficient processes with AccuLynx

AccuLynx is Complete Exteriors’ primary software solution that powers their entire roofing business. According to Boyd, “AccuLynx has not only helped us save time, but it has also allowed us to eliminate many of the other software programs we were using.” He continued,

“With AccuLynx, we are spending less money on technology per employee than before.”

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