How Roofers Can Use Instagram to Grow Their Business

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Instagram is often widely associated with things like people documenting what they had for dinner or celebrities advertising a new weight loss supplement. But, roofers can actually get some visibility for their business as well. 

From sharing progress photos to advertising specials, it’s all great to help grow your roofing business as well as engaging a whole new audience. 

Check out some of the easiest ways roofers can use Instagram to their advantage.

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The Basics: Instagram for Roofers

Share before and after photos

Who doesn’t love a good transformation story documented in a collage of pictures? After all, sharing photos is what Instagram is all about. Whether you’re wanting to display your efforts from incredibly large projects or cleaning up after a major storm, this type of platform is perfect for roofing contractors and other exterior trades because they can showcase their work. 

By documenting all projects before they’ve begun and when the hard work has been completed, you’re able to show potential customers what your roofing business is capable of.

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Engage with your audience

One way to show customers that you stand behind your brand is to engage with them via correspondence through the app. This could be replying to potential customer comments left on posts to responding to direct messages from previous homeowners you’ve worked with.

By engaging with customers in various lifecycle stages through Instagram, your showing them that you are responsive and able to address concerns or questions. For example, if a past customer sends a direct message to you with an issue that wasn’t addressed previously, you’re able to work to make it right. 

The app allows you to stay connected to customers, other roofers and potential employees.

instagram for roofers

Advertise products and specials

The other great part of Instagram? It’s free marketing for your company!

Many businesses from a variety of trades use Instagram to promote products, limited time offers and more. For example, if you’re running a promotion for the Fourth of July weekend, you can use Instagram as another way to reach your customer base and let them know about the special.

With so many different ways to use this social media app, roofers can certainly join the ranks of different companies to help promote their business.

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