GAF Energy: Making Solar Energy Affordable and Attractive

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Climate change is a topic that is frequently making headlines in current times, and rightly so.

Carbon emissions have reached an all time high of 400ppm and experts predict they will reach 500ppm within the next 50 years. This level would cause extreme weather and sea level rise, jeopardizing the world’s food supply, forcing mass migrations, and destroying ecosystems [source]. In an attempt to avoid this frightening and bleak future, many companies in the roofing industry are doing their part to help the planet by providing environmentally safe products. In fact, Standard Industries and its branch company GAF have recently collaborated to establish an entirely new company called GAF Energy.

gaf energy

GAF Energy is centered around providing homeowners with environmentally friendly roofing products and aims to “revolutionize the adoption of rooftop solar for everyday consumers.” The focus of their campaign, DecoTech, is a solar roofing system that not only helps the environment, but is attractive and affordable as well.

One of the largest contributors of global warming is increasing CO2 levels. Generating electricity accounts for 33% of US CO2 emissions, making it a significant component of Earth’s rising temperature [source]. An alternate source of energy, solar energy, harnesses energy from the sun rather than energy sources like coal or natural gas, to create energy without emitting any of the harmful byproducts such as CO2. By using solar energy, everyday homeowners can help reduce this percentage and contribute to keeping the planet safe. GAF’s new DecoTech rooftop solar panels make it easier than ever to make the switch to clean energy and allow the everyday homeowner to do their part in reducing climate change.

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When someone mentions a solar panel, the image of a large clunky blue rectangle comes to mind. Unless they are particularly dedicated to the environment, the average homeowner does not want to put these on their roof. However, with GAF Energy’s new DecoTech panels, you no longer have to choose between aesthetics and being environmentally friendly. DecoTech panels feature a sleek black design with a glossy finish, making them the perfect choice to add solar panels to your home without losing curb appeal. Even better, DecoTech panels are designed to be integrated right into the roof system, meaning no racks and no wires are visible. This gives the panels a low profile look and keeps them from sticking out like a sore thumb as older solar panels do.

Another one of DecoTech’s key features is its affordability. A much less expensive option than other solar roof products from brands such as Tesla and Forward Labs, DecoTech’s solar panels are specifically created to be affordable for homeowners. GAF Energy wants to spread the use of solar panels across the US, so producing a product that is affordable for the average homeowner is an important goal of theirs. In addition to this, DecoTech panels are designed to be installed during the re-roofing process, meaning your whole roof doesn’t need to be replaced in order to add solar panels to your roof. This convenient feature saves homeowners tons of money and makes the decision to go solar easier than ever.

gaf energy

GAF Energy is making its impact on the planet by moving the roofing industry in a greener, more sustainable direction. Their sleek, low profile DecoTech panels offer all the benefits of traditional solar panels without a cost to your home’s curb appeal and their affordability means you have no excuse not to go green. Helping the environment is on everyone’s radar nowadays, and with GAF Energy’s new DecoTech solar panels it is easier than ever to do your part.

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