How Reporting Software can Help Your Business Grow

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If you have a full pipeline and a busy production schedule, it’s easy to think that your business will be profitable and productive. However, being busy doesn’t necessarily equal success. You can have the busiest schedule, yet once you look at your profitability, you can be disappointed in your numbers.

Business performance tools like sales and production reports can help you keep tabs on your business’s health, productivity, and profitability. While there are many ways to track and analyze your business data, utilizing AccuLynx’s ReportsPlus reporting feature can help you streamline these processes and better understand your business’s performance. Here are 3 ways business performance tools such as sales and production reports can help you improve your roofing business.

Business performance tools

1. Uncover inefficiencies and increase productivity

From sending out the initial contract to receiving the final payment, there are many steps to moving a job through your project pipeline—and many opportunities for delays to arise at each of these steps. While the time it takes for each job to move down the pipeline will vary, consistently tracking the average length can help you identify common issues that cause inefficiencies in your processes and make adjustments that will help your business’s productivity.

The Time in Process report in AccuLynx’s ReportsPlus tracks the number of days it takes for a lead to move through each stage of the pipeline, by salesperson. This makes it easy to figure out which parts of your process are less efficient than others and develop strategies to fix them. For example, if the average amount of time it takes for a job to move from prospect to approved is high for one salesperson, you can suggest incorporating automated emails or texts into their follow-up process to better communicate with the prospects and move the job forward more quickly.

2. Better understand employee performance

Tracking your sales team’s overall performance can help you build a stronger sales force and improve your revenue forecasting. When you know how each of your employees are doing, especially compared to others on the team, you can provide ways to help set them up for success in the future.

AccuLynx’s Closing Percentage report shows you the percentage of leads sold, broken down by sales representative, so you can quickly see how all your sales employees are doing in one place. This will help you identify who is underperforming and allow you to address the performance, and put strategies in place to help set the salesperson up for success in the future, such as a mentor within the company or addressing areas where they need to improve.

3. Identify projection gaps and improve profit margins

Just because your business is busy doesn’t always mean your business is profitable. By tracking your business’s profitability throughout the year, you can catch gaps in your projections early and improve your margins in the future.

AccuLynx’s ReportsPlus includes a Profitability Report that breaks down job profitability by salesperson and location. By checking a report like this, you can catch problems such as losing money on jobs and identify why this is happening early and make adjustments for future jobs instead of falling into the same patterns. For example, if you notice that you are consistently losing money on jobs, you can establish an audit system to see where this is coming from.

Business performance tools that will help your business grow

Understanding your roofing business’s performance is key to guaranteeing that not only is your roofing business busy but profitable as well. By tracking essential KPIs, such as your sales team’s closing rates and overall job profitability, you can catch concerns within your business early. With AccuLynx ReportsPlus, you will have access to the Time in Process report, Closing Percentage Report, and Profitability Report, along with 20+ more customizable reports that will help you better understand your business.

Learn more about how AccuLynx reporting features can help your roofing business in a quick demo of AccuLynx. If you’re already a user and want to try ReportPlus, you can do so for free until the end of 2022.

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