No Excuses: 3 Tips on How Roofing Contractors Can Improve Productivity Even When You’re Busy

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Roofing contractors know that during high volume seasons, being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a lot done. There is a vast difference between being busy and being productive, and it mainly has to do with how you are completing the tasks on hand and at what rate.

Being productive is fueled by a more focused purpose. If you are a roofing company accustomed to doing much of your daily tasks manually, you may find yourself constantly busy but feeling like you didn’t actually accomplish much by the end of the day. By incorporating construction organization software into your day-to-day operations, you can streamline repetitive processes, automate communication, and maintain a central place where all your important documents are stored, and in turn, increase your overall productivity.

Here’s three tips on how to improve your productivity with the help of construction organization software:

Tip 1: Refrain from Multitasking

It’s easy to get lost in a long to-do list. You may think that jumping between tasks is effective for getting more done, when it’s quite the opposite. Bouncing between different projects before they are complete causes you to feel more tired and reduces your overall productivity, even if it’s just stopping to send a quick email.

During storm season, however, it might seem impossible to stop multitasking completely. There are always small tasks to complete throughout the day, like a new status update concerning a material order or remembering to send an appointment reminder to a customer. Instead of spending your time jumping between tasks, let technology manage it for you.

With construction organization software like AccuLynx, roofing contractors can manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Automations work behind the scenes with triggers you pre-set to move jobs through a designed pipeline, provide updates, or send standard communications.

For example, communication with homeowners can take up a lot of your time and can easily pull you away from projects, even though sending appointment reminders or updates to your customers is an essential aspect of your job. With AccuLynx, you can automate some of your more standard communication, such as automating emails to a homeowner when you set a new appointment or sending a text confirming the appointment the day before. This helps eliminate the need to continuously call customers or send emails all day, distracting yourself from other important tasks.

Tip 2: Reuse Common Documents as Templates

The old cliche “don’t reinvent the wheel” really makes sense when discussing the different documents used every day. Each new project brings more necessary, but tedious, paperwork, and when it’s busy season, that can really pile up.

Sure, paperwork is an essential part of the job; however, completing and filing paperwork doesn’t have to be something that overtakes most of your working hours. One way to help you become more productive while completing paperwork is by converting the documents into templates within you construction organization software system.

With the SmartDocs integration within AccuLynx, you can turn your important documents into templates that can be accessed and reused again. The templates have editable form fields that can be accessed from any device and are automatically populated with information from the Job File, saving you time and preventing errors.

Once you’ve completed a document, the e-signature feature in SmartDocs allows you to digitally request signatures from your customers without having to travel to them.

Tip 3: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Productive people work both hard and smart by understanding that even if they get the job done, it might not be the best process, and they strive to find the most efficient way to do things.

If you’re a company that tracks a lot of their job processes through spreadsheets or other more manual processes, you may have found that it’s become harder to stay organized as your business grows. Having a set place where all job information can live is one way to ensure that you are productively moving forward with a project instead of wasting time by double-checking data or even hunting down information on a project.

With construction organization software like AccuLynx, you will have the ability to easily store and track all of your project information, such as communication, important documents, photos, and more, right in the Job File. And, with the new AccuLynx Workflow Manager, you can customize how your company manages and communicates the process of your jobs and leads. This provides greater visibility into all your jobs, so you can easily manage the different tasks throughout the lifecycle of each project.

Why Now Is the Time to Invest in Construction Organization Software

Investing in technology, such as an all-in-one customer management system, is key to your overall productivity. You might be thinking, “I’m too busy to set up new processes now; I’ll do it when business calms down.” However, the more time you spend thinking about streamlining your processes with technology, the more time you waste by not just jumping in and starting the process now.

Sure, some processes may take a little extra time at first to set up. But once they are ready, you will discover your business’s overall productivity will climb, and your profitability will follow closely behind.

See how AccuLynx can help increase your business’s productivity and profitability with a quick-custom demo.

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