Choosing the Best Roofing Software: An Interview With KPost Roofing and Waterproofing

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When your roofing business faces obstacles to greater growth, what tools can help you overcome those obstacles? Many businesses turn to roofing software to help solve their most pressing challenges and improve their processes.

KPost Roofing and Waterproofing, a Dallas-area roofing company, became an AccuLynx customer after identifying ways the business could improve and evaluating different software solutions. In this interview, general manager Matthew Jaynes discusses why KPost Roofing and Waterproofing switched to AccuLynx, how it has helped the business grow, and how other contractors can find the best roofing software to improve their business processes.

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How KPost Roofing and Waterproofing Found the Best Roofing Software to Meet Their Needs

What kinds of challenges were you facing before you switched your business to AccuLynx?

“Before we started using AccuLynx, we weren’t organized. We would have photos and documents that would be in a salesperson’s truck when we needed them in the office. We really didn’t have a communication platform. There really wasn’t much accountability. AccuLynx helped us get on the same page and have a centralized source for all of our data.”

One of the most common challenges that roofing companies face is organization. With team members working from many different places, it’s essential to stay connected, allow everyone access to the same information, and communicate job updates in real time. Unless your roofing business has a system that enables this type of collaboration, it’s easy for miscommunications and errors to arise. For many roofing contractors, this means moving away from paper documents and physical folders and relying on roofing software instead.

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AccuLynx provides a single source of truth for a roofing company by storing all their information in one place. Electronic job files ensure that all the documents, photos, notes, and more for a given job can be easily found and updated. And since AccuLynx is cloud-based, this information is available wherever you are. AccuLynx helps your roofing business reduce error and communicate effectively with accurate information that everyone in the business can access at any time.

How has AccuLynx improved the way you work?

“Since we moved to AccuLynx, I think it’s really helped the scalability of the business. We’re able to look at our processes and make sure the jobs are moving along, and also make sure we’re being the best contractor we can be and serving our clients.”

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When a contractor logs into AccuLynx, the first thing they see is the dashboard, which gives them a quick look at how all their jobs are progressing. It’s easy to tell if you have enough leads in your pipeline, if any jobs have stalled, and if there are any outstanding invoices. The dashboard helps contractors keep track of the status of all their jobs.

AccuLynx also makes it easy to evaluate your business performance. Our robust reporting features show a variety of results, from broad trends in profitability to granular data on how individual salespeople are performing. You can adjust these reports to reflect the results that are most important to your business, and even have reports delivered to your email on a weekly or monthly basis so you can stay up to date on your performance. With the reporting features in AccuLynx, you can identify business trends and evaluate if improvements are needed to serve your customers more effectively.

What are your favorite AccuLynx features?

“One of my favorite features is the Mobile Crew App. It allows us to schedule the work for the crews and upload documents to make sure the job starts on the right track and then finishes strong. It also helps us have clear communication with crews. There’s a translation feature, which is a huge thing here in Texas— a lot of times it’s hard to talk and communicate with the crew over specific instructions, but the translation feature in the Mobile Crew App makes that easier.”

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The Mobile Crew App was created to help AccuLynx users communicate more effectively with their subcontractors and crews. To help crews stay on task and reduce errors, you can create checklists in the app that crews can mark off in real time as they complete their work. The Mobile Crew App makes it easy for everyone to stay updated if something changes with a job—both crews and office staff can add comments or send messages through the app, and crews are notified when appointments are rescheduled or canceled. And the English-Spanish translation feature simplifies communication with multilingual crews. The features in the Mobile Crew App give contractors greater visibility into work on the job site and helps keep the lines of communication open.

Why would you recommend AccuLynx to other roofing contractors?

“AccuLynx allows you to be able to keep a pulse on your business at all times and know exactly where you’re at. It allows great communication. And it allows you to be able to spend more time doing what you love to do, and that’s being a professional contractor.”

The Best Roofing Software to Help Contractors Grow

Matthew Jaynes is just one of many contractors across the United States that rely on AccuLynx to manage their businesses and grow their profits. To hear more stories about how these companies decided that AccuLynx was the best roofing company software to meet their needs, watch this video.

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