How to Find the Best Roofing Software

Looking for the best roofing software, but not sure where to start? This page is designed to help you evaluate and identify the best roofing contractor software for your business. From determining your needs to evaluating the available options, we’ll walk you through every step of the process so you can select the right software system to manage and grow your business.

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Why You Need the Top Roofing Software

In today’s highly competitive roofing market, contractors need technology tools to gain an advantage and maximize profits. The most successful roofing contractors rely on roofing software to help them stand out from the crowd. Using roofing software to manage your business can simplify your business processes, increase your company’s efficiency, and improve your customer service.

The best roofing software can help make your business a success.
But finding the right software can be challenging. There are a wide range of software systems on the market to choose from. And, the busy schedule of the average contractor leaves little time for researching and evaluating roofing software options.

In addition, if you have never used business management software before, it can be difficult to determine which features will be most helpful to your business.

Given these challenges, it can be tempting to select a low-priced roofing software system that seems “good enough.” But, not all software solutions are created equal. Even though it takes time, effort, and research, you will see the greatest benefits from implementing the best roofing software available. That means looking for:

  • A stable system you can rely on whenever you need it
  • A product that’s designed around the way you work
  • A solution that will simplify your processes, not complicate them

When you implement a high-quality roofing software product, it can have a major impact on your business. In fact, businesses that leverage customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage their business see their sales increase by 29% and their sales productivity increase by 34%.1

Ready to find a software system that will help you see similar benefits? Following these simple steps will lead you to the best solution for your business.

The best roofing software will help you care for the roofs of your customers.The Best Roofing Contractor Software Options

What types of software are available for contractors to choose from? Here are a few of the most popular roofing software options.

  • Estimating software. This software helps contractors measure roofs, build estimates, and price out jobs. It includes integrations with measurement reporting services and other tools to create more accurate estimates.
  • Photo management software. With photo management software, roofing companies can upload, store, edit, annotate and share their job photos. This software is usually available as a mobile app so you can manage your photos from anywhere.
  • Project management software. Roofing project management software centralizes and streamlines your job management and production processes. It may include scheduling features, internal communication tools, and features to help you track and manage your orders and materials.
  • Payment and accounting software. Payment software helps contractors provide electronic payment options to their customers and keep track of outstanding payments. Accounting software simplifies bookkeeping for your roofing business and keeps your financial records in one place.
  • All-in-one business management software. This software brings together the features of the other types of software listed here, as well as other business management features, in a single system. An end-to-end business management system eliminates the need for multiple programs. It also keeps your business running smoothly and simplifies the way you work.

While all these types of software can be beneficial to your roofing business, the most popular roofing software solutions are all-in-one systems. Using a single software platform to manage every aspect of your business saves valuable time, improves communication, streamlines your processes, and reduces errors.

Characteristics of the Best Roofing Software

What sets the best roofing software apart from the rest? Here are some key characteristics of the leading roofing software options.

Purpose-built for Roofing Contractors

There are many CRM software solutions on the market that provide general business management capabilities to a variety of industries. But adapting this general software to the highly specific needs of roofing contractors requires significant customization and up-front work. The best roofing software is designed with the roofing industry in mind and has features that reflect the way contractors work.

Automated Workflows

From instantly populating estimates with customer information to sending multiple job photos with a single click, the best roofing software has pre-built workflows and automated processes that simplify your routine tasks. Your business should save significant time each day with the tools in your roofing software.

An icon of hands shakingTools for Collaboration

Roofing businesses are more profitable and productive when every member of the team can work seamlessly together. The leading roofing software facilitates this collaboration with tools that serve every aspect of your business, from management to sales to production. When all your team members are working from a single system, it’s easier to stay on the same page and ensure everyone has access to the same information.

Intuitive Interface

While all roofing software requires initial training and setup, some systems are simpler than others. Choosing roofing software that is easy to learn and use will help you and your team implement it quickly and make the most of all the available features.

Cutting-Edge Features

The roofing industry is constantly changing. The best roofing software will help you stay ahead of the curve. When evaluating roofing software systems, look for a provider that is dedicated to innovating and adding new features and functionality on a regular basis. Pay attention to the latest updates they have released and whether their tools reflect current industry trends. It’s also important to ensure new features are properly tested before they are released. Software companies with large development and QA teams are equipped to ensure features are consistently stable and functional.

Understanding Your Particular Roofing Business Needs

Every roofing business has its own strengths, challenges, goals, and priorities. In order to find the right software solution for your business, you’ll need to focus on the unique aspects of your business. This will help you understand how roofing software can play a role in the way you already work.

Before You Start Identifying the Best Roofing Software for Your Company

Your search for the right software system will be more successful if you do these things first:

  • Identify growth areas for your business. Do you want to expand into a new market? Convert more of your leads into customers? Add another trade to your offerings? Determining the ways you want to grow in the next months and years is key to finding software that will help you meet those goals.
  • Determine which features you need the most. Depending on your goals, the trades you offer, and the way you operate, some roofing software features will be more essential to your business than others. When you have a clear sense of what’s most important to you in a software system, it will be easier to evaluate whether it will work for your business.
  • Evaluate the tech expertise of your team members. Your team needs to be able to use the system you choose, whether they’re new to software or expert users. Understanding their level of experience with software will help you identify a system everyone can use effectively.
  • Designate a software point person. Everyone in your business needs to be committed before you can implement new software. But, the search process will be more efficient and organized if one person handles the bulk of the research. Having a point person will help your business thoroughly evaluate potential software options while still keeping up with the rest of your day-to-day tasks.

Questions to Ask When Researching Roofing Software

Here are a few of the most important questions to ask to help you find the right roofing software for your business. Every roofing business will have unique concerns when evaluating roofing software, but asking these questions will help you gather essential information so you can make the best decision.

Roofing software should be able to help you manage, track and streamline all of your work. But not every software system will include the capabilities you need for all your trades.

It’s vital to understand whether a software system will be able to handle all the work you do. This is especially true if you do insurance restoration work or offer a wide variety of trades to your customers.

Look for a software system with a track record of adding new features and responding to the needs of their customers. If the software has stayed largely unchanged over the past few years, chances are it will soon be out of date and lack essential functionality.

Questions and challenges inevitably arise when using software. The best roofing software providers include free training and technical support whenever you need it so you can get your questions answered.

“Guaranteed uptime” is a software industry term that refers to how often the software is online and accessible. Asking about the guaranteed uptime is a simple way to evaluate the reliability of the software. Software that crashes frequently will cause major issues for your roofing business, so the higher the guaranteed uptime, the better.

When your team members are out in the field, they should still be able to access the information they need. A software system with tools that can be used on a phone or tablet will be a better fit than one that requires a desktop computer at all times.

The best way to understand whether a software system will work for your business is to see it in action. Don’t just rely on descriptions of the software functionality—ask for a demonstration of how it works.

Once you’ve done your initial research, you’re ready to determine which roofing software is truly the best for your business.

Why AccuLynx is the Best Roofing Software

AccuLynx has been a top software choice among roofing contractors since 2008. Our industry expertise, large team of U.S.-based software developers, and expansive customer base has allowed us to offer the leading all-inclusive CRM and business management system that helps roofing contractors grow. Here are some of the things that set us apart from other roofing software on the market.

Built for Contractors

AccuLynx is the only end-to-end CRM and business management software designed specifically to meet the needs of roofing contractors, integrating seamlessly with the way you already work. As a leading provider of the industry’s most trusted software, we’ve helped contractors work smarter with our cutting-edge technology.

acculynx integrationsAll-in-One Business Management

AccuLynx lets you manage your entire operation from a single system. From initial lead to final invoice, AccuLynx simplifies and streamlines every step of the roofing process. Our software is more than just a business management tool—it’s the ultimate solution for all your roofing business needs.

Simple to Use and Learn

Roofing contractors don’t need technical expertise or familiarity with software to learn how to use AccuLynx. Our simple interface is easy to navigate so you can take advantage of all it has to offer right away. This means that every member of your team can incorporate AccuLynx into their processes and start seeing the benefits quickly.

Robust Training and Support

Our personalized onboarding program guides new users through the straightforward setup and trains them on the full suite of features in as little as a day. And every AccuLynx user license includes live help and training whenever you need it. Whether you’re a brand new user or a longtime customer, you’ll always have access to our support resources via phone or email whenever you need them.

Unmatched Reliability

Our software is backed by a smart group of U.S.-based software engineers who ensure our technology is developed with the highest standards. Not only is every new feature rigorously tested to ensure optimum functionality, but our data security and historical 99.99% uptime also exceed industry standards.

What AccuLynx Offers Roofing Contractors

Our software is packed with a wide variety of useful features for every member of your roofing team, including:

Sales Tools

  • CRM. Track and manage your sales process at every stage with tools to capture and store important customer information.
  • Aerial measurement ordering. Order aerial measurements directly from our system and use them to seamlessly build an estimate with our EagleView integration.
  • Estimating tools. Choose from a library of estimating templates, automatically populate them with customer information stored in our digital job files, and create an accurate estimate with just a few clicks.
  • Lead API. Automatically import lead information from your website, lead forms, and more.
  • Photo management. Capture, edit, annotate, tag, and share photos from anywhere with our mobile apps. All your photos are saved to the corresponding job file for easy access.
  • Canvassing app integrations. Automatically transfer your roofing leads from SalesRabbit, HomeAdvisor, GAF Leads, and Spotio into AccuLynx to eliminate duplicate data entry and centralize your sales activities.
  • Weather app integrations. See hail activity reports, maps, and storm alerts directly in AccuLynx with our HailWatch™ and CoreLogic Hail Maps® integrations.

Project Management Tools

  • Material ordering. Our integrations with material suppliers like ABC SupplySRS Distribution, and Beacon allow you to access product catalogs, see your preferred material pricing, and place electronic orders directly to your local branch right from AccuLynx.
  • Production and labor management. Manage crews and deliveries, keep track of projects, and update schedules on the fly with a shared production calendar. You and your team members can see the schedule at a glance and are automatically notified when any changes are made.
  • Permits, supplements, and mortgage check tracking. Store job permits, supplements, and mortgage checks in their corresponding job files so you can easily check their status and access the information whenever you need it.
  • Live activity feed. Get the latest updates on your jobs at a glance. The live activity feed eliminates the need to call or email for progress reports and keeps your teams in the loop at all times.
  • Mobile Crew App. Schedule crews for jobs, upload work orders, create checklists, send messages, share photos and more with the mobile Crew App.

Customer Service Tools

  • AccuPay. Collect and process electronic payments right from AccuLynx. With AccuPay, your customers can pay using credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks and make their payments online, over the phone or in person. This means you get paid on time, every time.
  • AccuFi. Provide competitive roof financing options to your customers. With AccuFi, you can integrate financing throughout your sales process to reduce pricing objections and improve your close rates.
  • Automations. Set up automated emails, texts and tasks that are triggered based on an event or milestone in AccuLynx, such as scheduling an appointment with a homeowner. Automated messages help you communicate more effectively with prospects, customers, and team members.
  • Texting. Send and receive text messages directly from AccuLynx with our powerful SMS tools. All texts are automatically logged to the corresponding job file so you can easily access a complete record of your conversations.
  • Smart(er) Docs and eSign. Use our smart templates to quickly and easily create roofing documents, send them for customer review, and receive legally binding digital signatures.

Growth Tools

  • Reporting. Get insights into your key performance indicators at a glance and stay up to date on your business results with our pre-built reporting dashboards.
  • Commission module. Quickly determine sales rep commissions on a job and request the amount to be paid out after the job is invoiced.
  • Job costing. Track revenues and expenditures for all your jobs and see an accurate forecast of your profits and losses as they progress.
  • Multiple company locations. Manage all your company locations from a single AccuLynx account and easily see how each location is performing.
  • QuickBooks integration. View your QuickBooks invoices and payments in AccuLynx. Our integration seamlessly syncs your accounting data between both applications.

Award-Winning Roofing Technology

At AccuLynx, we believe we’ve created the best roofing software to help contractors succeed. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our software has received significant recognition from the industry, including these awards and honors:

Customers, software review sites, and technology leaders all agree: AccuLynx is an exceptional solution for roofing companies of all sizes. When you choose AccuLynx as your roofing software solution, you’re harnessing the power of industry-leading technology to manage and grow your business.

The Best Roofing Software for Your Business

With the right software solution in place, your roofing business can increase profits, improve efficiency, and see sustainable growth. Understanding what your business needs from a software system and which features will help you achieve your goals will make it easier to find the best roofing software.

While every system is different, the top roofing software systems have these characteristics in common:

  • Features built specifically for roofing contractors
  • Automated workflows for more efficient processes
  • Intuitive functionality that anyone can use
  • Tools that benefit every member of your team
  • Cutting-edge technology that reflects the latest industry developments

AccuLynx is the first and only all-in-one roofing software designed specifically to help contractors manage and streamline every aspect of their businesses. Our software has all the features you need to save time on routine tasks, eliminate costly errors, and serve customers more effectively.

We’re always innovating so you can stay ahead of your competitors and respond to the latest industry trends. And we’ve helped thousands of roofing contractors make more money. In fact, new customers see their profits increase by an average of 32% when they start using AccuLynx!

When it comes to growth, efficiency and productivity, AccuLynx stands out from the other roofing software options on the market as the clear choice.

Kickstart Your Search for the Best Roofing Software

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