Why You Don’t Need an AccuLynx Training Manual

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When you start using a new piece of technology, what’s the first thing you do? Most people would say “read the training manual.” New technology is often complex and hard to navigate, and the training manual is a valuable guide so you can start using it effectively.

So where is the AccuLynx training manual? The short answer: we don’t have one. What’s more, our experience onboarding thousands of contractors has convinced us that they don’t need a training manual to become expert AccuLynx users. Here’s why your business can use AccuLynx effectively without a training manual.

acculynx training manual

The Four Reasons You Don’t Need an AccuLynx Training Manual

#1: It’s Designed Specifically for Contractors

One of the most difficult parts of using new technology is figuring out how to adapt the system to meet your needs. Many business management tools are created to be used by a wide variety of industries. In order for roofing contractors to use these tools, significant customization and a deep understanding of how the technology functions is required. Setting up this type of system so you can use it to manage your roofing business usually means taking a deep dive into the training manual to determine which features will be the most helpful.

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At AccuLynx, we understand that roofing is a unique industry with unique needs. So we created a software system specifically for roofing contractors. The features in AccuLynx each correspond to a different aspect of a roofing job, from initial lead to final invoice. You don’t have to spend lots of time figuring out how to manage your business with our software; AccuLynx was built to integrate seamlessly into your everyday work, without extensive customization.

#2: It’s Intuitive to Use

Business management software has a reputation for being complicated to use. If you’re not familiar with software—and often even if you are—you can spend a lot of time trying to figure out how the platform works. Where do you go to get information about a specific job? What happens if you click a given item in the drop-down menu? The training manual gives you a roadmap for navigating a tricky interface.

Unlike many other software solutions on the market, the AccuLynx interface is intuitive. Even your team members who are new to software will be able to use it easily. Everything in AccuLynx works the way you would expect it to, and it’s easy to find all the information you need. You’re never left wondering why a menu item is labeled the way it is or where you can find a certain piece of information. Instead of consulting a training manual to figure out how AccuLynx functions, all you have to do is log in and get started. Everyone on your team will get up and running with AccuLynx quickly, and you’ll see the benefits of using our software right away.

#3: Hands-On Training is Included

For some software, contractors turn to the training manual because they were never offered help with setup or implementation when they purchased the technology. In order to get up and running on their new software system, they have to read about how it works.

acculynx training manual during hands on training

When you purchase AccuLynx, hands-on training is included. We walk you through the straightforward setup and help you add your company information to the system. We also train you on our full set of features so you can start using them with confidence. The whole process can take as little as a day, and is designed to equip you with everything you need to be a proficient, successful AccuLynx user. Our personalized training eliminates the need for a manual—why read about how software works when you can see it for yourself?

#4: Our Customer Success Team is Standing By

In the course of using your new software system, it’s normal to have questions or need extra guidance in a specific area. But not all software systems have a helpline or a way to get a timely response to these questions, so training manuals help to fill in the knowledge gaps and get questions answered.

At AccuLynx, we have a dedicated Customer Success Team whose job is making sure you can use the full capabilities of our software to benefit your business. This means they can answer your questions over the phone, chat about issues online, or even come to your business for a live training session—whatever you need to make using AccuLynx easier. Whether you’ve been an AccuLynx user for a week, a year, or a decade, you can always turn to the Customer Success Team for help, resources and answers. Instead of scrolling through an AccuLynx training manual, you’ll get real-time help for all your issues, big and small.

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No Training Manual? No Problem!

Yes, it’s true—there is no AccuLynx training manual. But with an intuitive software system built to meet the needs of contractors, implemented through hands-on training and backed up by a team of customer success specialists, you’ll never feel like you’re missing out without one.

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