New Payment Options in AccuLynx Streamline the Sales Process

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Introducing Integrated Payment Options for Roofing Companies

When it’s time for a new roof, homeowners have a lot to consider. Are there damages that are covered by insurance? Is now the time to make a fix or invest in a completely new roof? What kind of design or materials are available?

The list of questions goes on, but oftentimes the main thing on homeowners minds is PRICE. How much will this cost and how are they going to pay for it?

As roofing sales teams know, helping the homeowner understand their options, while also providing a path of least resistance can be the difference between a sale or lost lead. The ability for a roofing business to offer on-the-spot payment processing and point-of-sale financing takes the hassle out of the entire process. If a homeowner can use their credit card to make a down payment, or skip the research process when it comes to finding a financing option, roofers can close the deal and ultimately get paid faster.

To help roofing companies streamline their sales process, AccuLynx has created a two part option for our customers to offer to homeowners when it comes to paying for their project. AccuPay is electronic payment processing that allows our users to request and process electronic payments including debit/credit card, echeck/ACH right in AccuLynx.


acculynx accupay

In addition to payments, AccuLynx has teamed up with GreenSky®, a leading company in consumer financing for home improvements, to provide hassle-free loan options.

These simple add-on tools power your sales teams with easy, more convenient ways to collect and receive customer payments.

Get Paid Faster with AccuPay

AccuPay was designed to be the most convenient way to accept and process customer payments.

But it’s more than just credit card and ACH payment processing. It’s a fully-integrated, secure electronic payment solution that is conveniently incorporated into AccuLynx so you can request and process payments and apply them directly to a job. With AccuPay, you can process transactions from anywhere and access funds more quickly.

Offering payment options to your customers can help establish credibility and trust, and you’ll see those payments faster than with paper checks.

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How It Works:

The set-up is simple, and the application can be completed in a few minutes. Once you’ve been approved, any user with permissions to access AccuPay will be able to send an email request to the homeowner for self-payment or input the customer’s payment information themselves in AccuLynx. Payment requests can be initiated from the AccuLynx job file, the main dashboard or the contract worksheet.

Enable AccuPay

Sell More Jobs with Integrated Financing by GreenSky®.

One of the common objections a contractor hears from a homeowner is that they aren’t going to move forward with the work because they don’t have funds to pay for it. The decision to sign on the dotted line is much easier to make if there is money available to do the job.

Having integrated financing options in AccuLynx allows contractors to offer a loan during the sales process when they are walking a potential customer through an estimate.

This integration in AccuLynx helps sales teams eliminate slowdowns or delays in the process by being able to offer a paperless application with simple eligibility requirements, and receive credit notification on the spot. Homeowners can choose different loan options approved by your company, and finance the downpayment for a faster start to a project.

How It Works:

Once you are approved as a GreenSky merchant, you will be able to select the financing options you want to make available for your account. You will see the Offer Financing button on the Dashboard, Job Overview page, and on the contract worksheet.

Enable Financing by GreenSky

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  • Do you have an option for a digital business card that links to Acculynx?

    • Hi Karen – I’m not totally sure what you mean by a digital business card, so I would reach out to support and explain exactly what you’re looking for. You can reach them via phone at (608) 473-3800 or by email at


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