4 Ways to Streamline Your Business For Maximum Efficiency During Storm Season

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After a storm, insurance restoration contractors know that the window for large volume sales is short, and taking advantage of the opportunity to service more homes in an area is limited by the staff you have and your contract process.

The most effective thing you can do to ensure you service the maximum amount of potential customers is to make sure your estimate to contract process is streamlined between your field sales reps knocking on doors and the office staff creating the contracts. Miscommunication, lack of organization, and downtime between each step in the sales process can cost you a customer and lose your business money. We created a short guide to help you increase efficiency during storm season, or you can just continue reading.

To avoid the hassle of dealing with paperwork, but ensure that you aren’t sacrificing quality for quantity, consider the following:

1. Create Templates with Data Automation

Consider bringing your contract process online. Creating digital, editable templates of your Estimate and Contract documents ensure that your sales reps can create uniform proposals while in the field with the required information your office staff needs to process a roofing quote. Having a true digital template also means you’re not struggling with version control, or the chance to accidentally save over or misplace a customer’s information. Every sales rep is filling out the same form the same way.

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Taking it a step further, automating those documents to pre-fill with Customer Information from your roofing CRM or Job Files can save even more time – and when it comes time to sending them a complete proposal packet, you’re not duplicating the time spent on filling out forms for Name, Address, Phone, etc.

2. Use Electronic Signatures

Adding an eSignature component to your contract process makes it even easier to get digital roofing documents completed. Today, true eSignatures are backed by legally binding parameters (such as encoding an IP address and electronic time/date stamp) and are as legitimate as pen and paper. The best part is that you can email these signature packets directly to customers, or have them sign directly on your mobile device.

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With the necessity of the print, sign, scan and email process eliminated, the time spent waiting and delaying a closed contract is eliminated as well.

3. No More Excuses

The “I didn’t see the email” or “I can’t find the paperwork” excuses are gone. When all of your digital paperwork is stored in your roofing CRM, you eliminate the possibility of losing information. Notifications and Dashboard Pipelines let Office Staff, Admins and Business Owners keep track of every job status. Keeping the pulse on your business during busy season allows you to stay focused and on track, without letting any potential business slip through the cracks in your system.

4. Eliminate Issues of File Storage and Archives

When your records live in the Cloud it’s even easier to manage and organize each customer’s information, files, orders and time on the schedule. Search components, archived records of previous work and orders enable Sales Reps to access the full range of knowledge on a customer on the site, which can be an opportunity to upsell work or features.

Wasting time and wasting money doesn’t have to be part of the cost of doing business when you’re busy.

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