3 Ways a CRM Can Help You During Storm Season

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As storm season approaches, making sure your business is ready to handle the influx of leads and the staff to manage the volume can be frustrating from a logistical view. Oftentimes, contractors fall back on familiar systems that don’t have the capacity or the mobility to handle the inflow of paperwork, contracts, and insurance information necessary to have a successful season.

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The idea of implementing a new software, training, and getting your business up to speed during storm season can be daunting, and not everyone has the time or resources available to make sure your investment succeeds.

Having a flexible, reliable and accessible system in place before the storms come can save you the headache, and keep your business organized during high production times.

3 Ways a CRM Can Help You During Storm Season

Dealing with Sheer Volume of Business

As soon as the storm passes, you have guys knocking on doors, and where once you had no leads, now everyone in town is a potential customer. Managing the schedules of your sales and crews, as well as job status, progress and updated insurance information can be a logistical nightmare without a shared view application.

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Having mobile access to the tools you need to take accurate job details, photos, and insurance/adjuster information can be critical to managing the potential volume of business your company can manage and complete – without letting anyone (team members or customers) fall through the cracks.

Having a System in Place for New Hires

Savvy contractors know when and who to hire to bulk up their teams before storm season rolls in. These hires can range in experience, and one of the biggest challenges they can face is learning and integrating into a company’s Job Management system. There will always be an adjustment period for new users with any CRM, but encouraging training and stressing the importance of entering information into the system can have a huge impact on the overall success of not only a business management solution, but on the overall operation of a business during the storm season.

repair after storm season

Having a system in place with pre-set access, templates and processes is crucial in making sure that your jobs stay organized, and that your crews are collecting and inputting the information you need manage your pipeline.

Document Consolidation

As your leads pour in, collecting paperwork and insurance information, and keeping it all organized can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful season. Your teams need to be able to see information in real-time, get notifications when it’s been updated or its status has changed, and know what needs to happen in order to close.

As a manager or business owner, having a top-line view of your pipeline is how you see progress, keep everyone on track and push through the leads, schedules, orders and jobs as they come through.

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