Why Your Roofing Company Should Have an Insurance Claims Expert On Staff

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When a huge storm rolls through your service area, the last thing you want to do as a roofing contractor is get stuck waiting for an insurance claims expert to evaluate a home. The faster you can have each home inspected, the quicker you can get to work. Outside adjusters often require back and forth, as well as possible miscommunications, which can create a recipe for frustration and inefficiency.

Roofing companies can alleviate the hassle of dealing with an outside insurance representative by having an in-house insurance claim expert on staff.

Why Should You Have an Insurance Claims Expert On Staff?

Reason #1: Insurance Claims Experts Help With Efficiency

Roofing damage often means waiting for a representative from the homeowner’s insurance company to evaluate the property, putting a halt to your post-storm productivity. With an insurance claim expert on your team, you do not have to waste time waiting around for the insurance representative to arrive before you get to work.

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Your field adjuster can get started estimating damage and costs right away, keeping you efficient and moving. With the time you save, you can get to more homes in the neighborhood and get the most out of your day. Having an insurance claim expert on your team can also streamline the evaluation process. They will already know what kind of damage to look for when they arrive, so they won’t be wasting precious time.

Reason #2: Insurance Claims Experts Increase Credibility

Another benefit to having an insurance claims estimator at your roofing company is the boost to your business credibility, both with the insurance company and your customers. With an insurance claims expert on your team, the homeowner’s insurance company will feel relieved that the customer is being told accurate information. An adjuster may be even more likely to accept a claim if your expert has deemed it a significant and genuine damage.

Your credibility with customers may also rise. Customers will love the fact that you have someone so knowledgeable on your team answering their questions and giving them an early idea of what repairs they are looking at. In addition to this, they will even be more likely to recommend your company to others they know. Credibility goes a long way in the roofing industry.

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Reason #3: Insurance Claims Experts Offer Expertise

After a bad storm, it’s important that roof damage is inspected by someone with the correct expertise. Most homeowners do not know how to properly identify damage and the hidden signs of deterioration; even your standard roofing contractor might not know the topic well enough. Having someone with the proper training and accreditation on your team can help you ensure you are getting an accurate picture of the damage that has occurred and what will need to be done in order to repair it. Having someone you trust from your own company can reassure you that the evaluation is high quality, and that they have both your roofing company, and the homeowner’s best interest in mind.

To help increase your insurance roofing business credibility, we’ve put together a complete guide to help take your insurance restoration contracting business from a startup to a success. Read the complete guide, How to Build and Grow an Insurance Restoration Business, today.

See the Guide
In the aftermath of a big storm, your company is focused on gaining customers and making profits. Having an insurance claims expert at your company can help you achieve those goals. They allow you to increase your efficiency, add to your company’s credibility, and to impress customers with your industry expertise, helping you make the most out of the after storm rush.

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