Debunking 8 Common Myths About AccuLynx Roofing Software

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AccuLynx has been the #1 business management software for roofing contractors for over 15 years, so naturally, people have thoughts about our product–including some common misconceptions.

It’s time to set the record straight! Here are 8 common questions we hear all the time and the answers you’re looking for.

Is AccuLynx suited for large companies?

Yes. With a number of features and customization tools, big companies can use AccuLynx to support the way they already work

AccuLynx is built to accommodate companies of all sizes, including the biggest players in the roofing industry. Any company that signs up for AccuLynx gets access to a large feature set that can support their business.

Even companies with multiple locations can use AccuLynx to manage each of their branches from one place. Each location can be set up to meet its individual needs.

Contractors can take advantage of AccuLynx’s customizable workflow feature to fit the unique needs of their larger company. Contractors can use AccuLynx to organize their business the way they want by creating milestone checklists that need to be completed before a job can move forward, see time-stamped actions, and receive notifications when changes are made or attention is needed. This can even be organized by trade or work type, which is especially helpful for companies that offer multiple services.

Other tools that larger companies find especially beneficial are:

Ven Diagram showing that AccuLynx works for small and large companies

Is AccuLynx too robust for smaller companies?

No. AccuLynx is a scalable software. Companies with as few as 3 three users can use AccuLynx.

When smaller companies sign up for AccuLynx, they will have the comfort of knowing that the software will be able to serve them when they just start and will continue to support them as they grow.

We understand that not every company needs the same tools and features to run their business effectively. That is why we offer different packages to start as well as additional features that can be added at any time.

We know that cost is important, but it’s also important to look at how roofing software will help your business on a long-term basis—not just what’s going to help for a few months. Companies have used AccuLynx to grow from a few-person start up, to a multi-branch business with hundreds of employees.

Does AccuLynx own my data?

No. Your data is your data. AccuLynx is just a place for you to store and manage it.

When a company starts with AccuLynx, we help import their data like customer information, photos, and more so they can get started right away. If a company were to leave AccuLynx for any reason, we’ll help export that same information so they have everything they need to start elsewhere. Customers can download their data at any time.

Does AccuLynx take a long time to learn and implement?

No. While AccuLynx does provide an all-in-one solution, our team gets roofing companies trained and working quickly. Some companies are even up and running in under two weeks.

Even after companies have been using AccuLynx for years, free training and support is always available. AccuLynx also has a Knowledge Base filled with articles, videos, and step-by-step instructions that contractors can utilize on their own time.

AccuLynx trainers are also available to help with customization, connecting material supplier accounts, connecting financial accounts, and more so there is as little of a gap in work as possible.

Does AccuLynx force contractors to work a specific way?

No. With a number of ways to customize workflows, reports, dashboards, and more, contractors can set up AccuLynx to work the way they want.

AccuLynx gives contractors a suite of tools that are ready to work “out of the box,” but can be customized to fit their particular needs.


4 people using AccuLynx software but showed different levels of access to the platform

Does AccuLynx give everyone at a roofing company the same level of account access?

No. We know that not everyone at a roofing company needs to see all the information in their company’s AccuLynx account.

Whether it’s information only the company owner and management needs to see or a salesperson or crew member that only cares about the jobs they’re working, preferences can be set for everything. Administrators can set permissions by user type which controls what people are able to see and do within the software.

Another way to control visibility is through the AccuLynx mobile Crew App. This application is great for your crew leads and subcontractors to get information and communicate about jobs they are working on.

Does AccuLynx lock contractors into large contracts?

No. At AccuLynx, roofing contractors are never locked into long contracts that they can’t get out of.

Fees are paid on a monthly basis with no contract and different add-on features can be added or removed at any time.

Is AccuLynx the same as any other roofing software?

No. AccuLynx is the leading all-in-one business management software for roofing contractors.

Being first to market and continuously updating and improving our product every year—based on suggestions we hear from our current customers—we’ve become the go-to technology for roofing companies looking to run their business more efficiently.

On average, companies that use AccuLynx increase profits by 32% after one year and save up to 9 hours each week per user.

There’s software options that may offer similar tools that may help a project get from start to finish, but there’s so much more that AccuLynx does that makes our software different from the rest.


AccuLynx dashboard


If you’re ready to see these beneficial tools and features in action, schedule a demo today to learn how AccuLynx can help you run your business more efficiently.

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