Job quoting simplified with roof estimating software

Speed up the time it takes to create an estimate, reduce costly errors, and improve your customer service with the estimating tools in AccuLynx. Our software helps you deliver accurate, custom estimates in minutes with all the features you need to manage your work from initial lead to final invoice.

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Save time building estimates

Create comprehensive, professional-looking and error-free estimates in minutes. AccuLynx lets you build an estimate from a library of custom templates that can be used again and again. There’s no need to add information manually. With AccuLynx, you’ll have all the information you need to produce a roofing job estimate faster than ever.

  • Add or remove items as needed in a couple of clicks
  • Automatically populate estimates with aerial roofing measurements
  • See live material pricing from the largest distributors of roofing products
  • Build in customized profit margins and waste calculations using our profit margin slider and waste calculator
  • Email completed estimates to homeowners for digital approval

Improve the accuracy of your estimates

AccuLynx helps roofing contractors improve the accuracy of their estimates with aerial measurement and material distributor integrations.

Error-free aerial roof measurements

Incorporate the most accurate measurements into your estimate without having to climb on a roof or do complex calculations. AccuLynx lets you order aerial measurement reports from EagleView directly from our software platform and automatically populate measurements into your estimate—no data entry required.

Live material pricing

Price your jobs to reflect the most current material availability and costs without having to ever leave AccuLynx. Our software has integrations with the top three leading roofing material suppliers—ABC Supply, Beacon Roofing Supply and SRS Distribution—so you can see material pricing and product availability in real time directly from your AccuLynx account and factor those costs into your estimates.

Watch this quick video to see AccuLynx’s estimating software features in action and learn how they can speed up your processes.

See your profits increase with AccuLynx


*Average increase in total job profits after 1 year

Seamlessly integrate estimating with the rest of your workflow

AccuLynx simplifies the sales process and makes it easy to move a job forward once the estimate has been signed.

The all-in-one roofing contractor software that powers every aspect of a roofing business

AccuLynx does so much more than just simplify and streamline your estimating process. It’s also packed with the tools you need to manage every other aspect of your job, from sales and production, to supplementing and collections—and everything in between!

Frequently asked questions

Roof estimating software helps contractors build, send and store estimates more easily. Using software like AccuLynx for estimating reduces errors, increases your efficiency, and simplifies your workflow.

AccuLynx software allows you to build estimates easily and accurately while also offering you all the additional tools you need to run an efficient roofing business. Our fully integrated business management system not only saves you time and improves the quality of your estimates, it also simplifies and streamlines every other aspect of your business, helping you translate your estimates into successful, profitable projects and see sustainable growth.

Getting started with AccuLynx is easy. Our system is designed to be simple to use and learn, even if you’re new to business management software. Comprehensive, personalized onboarding and real-time customer support are included for free with your AccuLynx account. If you’re ready to start using AccuLynx for your business, just fill out this form and a sales rep will be in touch to start the process.

See AccuLynx’s roof estimating software features in action

We’ll show you how AccuLynx can help you create faster, more accurate estimates and simplify all your roofing processes.